Bristol West Insurance Group

Bristol West Insurance Group
5701 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33314
Tel: 1-800-338-2560

Bristol West Insurance Group was acquired by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies in 2007. Its parent company, Bristol West Insurance Company was founded in 1928 in Los Angeles, California by Thomas E. Leavey and John C. Tyler. The company offers automobile insurance for private automobile owners.

On the other hand, Bristol West Insurance Group was established in 1973 with its headquarters located in Florida. The company provides services in 41 states and provides a wide range of automobile insurance coverage at reasonable prices.

Bristol West Insurance Group offers different automobile insurance coverage ranging from liability to liability and physical damage. For policies that only cover liability, the policyholder is protected against bodily injuries to other persons and damage to property. On the other hand, a policy that shields both liability and physical damage, the insurance will cover collision and comprehensive. Coverage may vary from state to state so it is important that a prospective customer should contact a broker or an agent to discuss the details of the insurance policy that they will purchase.

Bristol West Insurance Group prides itself in providing cutting-edge services through its advanced systems and innovative business solutions. It has online facilities that make paying premiums more efficient and convenient. They also have a 24-hour telephone service with agents and brokers ready to respond to their clients’ needs anytime, any day. Aside from online payment facilities, Bristol West Insurance Group has also made debit payment available to its customers.

Claims are also easy to file through their 24-hour call-in service. Policy holders must call about their claim as soon as possible in order to record the claim. An agent will contact the policy holder as early as the day after the report to verify the details of the claim and resolve the claim right away. Unlike other auto insurance companies, this takes away a lot of the fuss of reporting and providing evidence of the claim. This makes it more convenient especially for people who cannot afford to take a day off work only to file insurance claims.

The company continues to develop and improve processes for its customers, agents and brokers to make transactions faster and more accurate. Using online services also prevent fraud which means fewer losses for the company due to negligence.

In addition to the innovations in payment and customer services, Bristol West Insurance Group also offers low down payment options for its clients, something that not a lot of insurance companies offer. This is convenient for clients as protection does not have to be expensive or a burden to pay.

In Florida alone, Bristol West Insurance Group has about 3,449 independent agents. Just this month, Foremost Insurance, which is also a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, has announced that Bristol West Auto Insurance will adapt the Foremost brand as part of the company’s marketing strategy. This move is expected to increase brand recall and recognition. Bristol West Insurance Group and Foremost Group of Companies combined forces in June 2010. The objective of the merger is to handle claims and customer services better due to the fusing of technologies, systems and processes.