CNA Insurance Company

CNA Insurance Company
33 S Wabash
Chicago, IL 60604
United States

One of the company names that will leap out of the pages when you review the list of largest insurance providers in the United States is CNA Insurance Company. Currently considered the seventh biggest commercial insurer, CNA provides insurance coverage to more than one million employers and employees in the U.S. and in other parts of the globe.

CNA started operating in 1867 and has consistently focused on providing excellent service and building relationships with its client base. These factors mark the reason why CNA is viewed as a trustworthy company. The company is also lauded for its high rating for financial strength by all the major and independent rating firms.

The company headquarters is located in Chicago but the company also holds office in several states, likewise in Canada and in Europe. The company employs around 9,000 employees spread across more than 32 offices in the country. The management team of CNA Insurance is headed by chairman and chief executive officer Thomas Motamed.

CNA values diversity in all aspects, reason why it promulgates a work culture that continuously challenges and involves the employees. The company believes that a significant factor for its strength lies in its people; thus, it is able to extend as much assistance as possible to the employees in order to enhance their personal and professional growth.

CNA Insurance offers insurance alternatives to the following business sectors: business services, construction, education, financial institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, retail, technology, and wholesale distribution. A significant edge of the company is its capability to provide specialized solutions and coverage that is unique to specific industries.

CNA Insurance assists the construction industry by providing coverage that can shield their business and reputation from financial risk. For 60 years, CNA has provided a wide range of insurance products that fulfill the requirements of the contractors in the business. The company works with eight national construction groups in developing programs that offer unique and additional insurance features that are advantageous to the middle market in the construction industry.

The company also provides assistance to consulting firms together with the sales and service industry by ensuring that these businesses are suitably protected from financial concerns so that they can provide uninterrupted and excellent customer service to their clientele.

Because CNA is an insurance company that cares about the welfare of the community as a whole, it includes universities and colleges in its roster of business clients. These insurance programs are designed to support the schools’ properties, faculty and students. This is especially helpful because the boundaries of providing knowledge extends beyond the classroom walls – CNA is there to protect the school employees and students when they venture outside the campus as part of their learning process.

Of all the businesses that the company covers, one market that it never fails to include is its sister industry that is composed of financial institutions. In these uncertain times, the firm endeavors to provide financial security and protection to banking institutions (commercial and community banks, credit unions, etc.), hedge funds and company field representatives.

With its dedication to serving its clients and other markets, CNA Insurance is definitely one of the trustworthy insurance firms around that you can rely on.