CUNA Mutual Insurance Company

CUNA Mutual Insurance Company
5910 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705

Financial services to credit unions, cooperatives, members and customers – this is what CUNA Mutual Insurance Company specializes in. Its lending service includes asset protection, credit insurance, collateral products, default insurance, debt cancellation, Internet lending, mechanical repair coverage, loan marketing, student loan network services, lending call center loan, lending and deposit documents, and mortgage insurance.

Founded in 1935 by Edward Filene, Roy Bergengren and other top pioneers, CUNA Mutual, with the help of its approximately 4,500 team members, brokers and key officers – chief executive officer Jeff Post, executive vice president and chief finance officer Jeff Holley, chief administrative officer David Lundgren, senior vice president Michael Daubs and EVP for Sales and chief sales officer Bob Trunzo – has been providing quality service to its policyholders.

This 70-year-old firm includes such services as insurance and investments, trust services, and individual retirement account services. Its protection services cover bond programs, collateral products, business auto, package of protection, equipment maintenance, plastic card, special insurance packages, risk management services, and workers compensation services. also It also provide investment advisories in terms of homeowners insurance, services and auto insurance, whole life insurance, term life insurance, variable annuities, long-term care insurance, and even fixed annuities to its clients.

CUNA Mutual likewise delivers expanded quality service by offering brokerage, crop insurance, mutual funds, folio investing, variable annuities, 529 college saving plan, variable universal life insurance, and even online brokerage services. By providing strategically planned products, the company has built strong relationships, technological advancements, and even manifold service mediums in Australia, Asia, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Excellence – this has been one of CUNA Mutual’s commitments to its policyholders. This is manifested by an A (excellent) rank from A.M. Best, an insurance firm review company, and a rating of AA- (very strong) from Fitch Rating, thanks to having a total asset of $14.6 billion.

Aside from being business-oriented, CUNA Mutual also provides time for charities and community activities. It has established its own foundation and support donations of its staff expertise and time. It has also endorsed nonprofit program alignment and synergy, focusing on the youth. Foundations that the company supports includes KinderReady, United Way, Komen Race for the Cure, among others.

Currently, this A-ranked company has its regional offices in Forth Worth, Texas; Waverly, Iowa; and Dublin, Ireland; and internationally in Australia, Canada, Korea, and Latin America.

As of December 2009, CUNA Mutual has earned a total net income of $51 million as compare with that in 2008,. Its total assets amount to $ 14.4 billion, making it financially stable compared with the other insurance firms.