California Casualty Insurance Company

California Casualty Insurance Company
1650 Telstar Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80920-1009
Phone: +1 (719) 532-8000
Fax: + 1 (719) 532-8905

California Casualty Insurance Company provides insurance coverage for automobiles and homes. The company started in 1914 offering workers compensation and was technically owned by its customers. It expanded its operations in 1917 by offering auto insurance and 20 years after also ventured into home insurance. The company broke the ground into affinity insurance through its affiliation with the California Teachers Association by providing car and home insurance to members of the group. This trend still continues today and California Casualty’s network has now grown to about 100 members and 43 states.

California Casualty Insurance Company is dedicated to provide honest and quality service to its customers at an affordable price while honoring its obligations to its policyholders, stockholders, claimants, and employees. The company believes in fulfilling not only what is on the written contracts but the spirit of the contracts as well.

Compared to other insurance companies, California Casualty Insurance Company trains its employees to be friendly and responsive to their customers as well as employees within the company and other contacts in order to provide them the best possible service. They maintain that each employee contributes to the reputation and image of the company so it is important that each employee comply with the highest standards of ethics.

The company recorded a net income of $9.7 million and sold 16,273 home insurance policies and 20,049 automobile insurance policies in 2009. California Casualty Insurance Company assures its stockholders and customers that it has solid capitalization and has even posted a surplus of $327.1 million by the end of 2009.

In terms of claims management, California Casualty Insurance Company has put up an online system for reporting claims and even tracking them to make sure that everything is in order. They even have section in their website that explains the procedure for making claims. This has made information accessible to a lot of people and the automation has definitely helped in ensuring that the process is efficient and fraud-free. This is on top of their 24-hour customer service hotline which policyholders can call to ask questions or follow-up claims. And because of their company code that requires employees to be courteous and respectful, any policy holder or any prospective customer will not be intimidated to ask even the most mundane questions. The convenience and efficiency of the processes makes California Casualty Insurance Company a sensible and popular choice for those who need auto and home insurance.

In addition to running their business with integrity and honesty, California Casualty Insurance Company’s employees participate in fund raising activities that help give gifts and food during the holiday season to the less fortunate. Their activities also help fund cancer and heart disease research. So aside from the company promoting accountability and reliability in the way it does business, it is also very much involved in promoting and establishing corporate social responsibility programs. This shows the company’s concern not only for profits or business but for their wider community as well.

In addition, as a move to help save the environment, they have cut down on paper usage by sending their customers electronic bills rather than sending them regular paper bills.