California State Automobile Association Insurance Company

California State Automobile Association Insurance Company
160 Sutter St
At Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 773-1900

The California State Automobile Association (CSAA) Insurance Company began as the CSAA Inter-Insurance Bureau, which was established in 1914. Its initial purpose was to give automobile insurance policies to its members. The CSAA itself began in 1900, and was affiliated to the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 1907. In 1974, CSAA also began to offer homeowner insurance. Currently, the California Automobile Association is the second largest affiliate of AAA and offers automobile, home, and personal umbrella insurance to members. Though the name is California State Automobile Association, its operations extend even to Nevada and Utah. Hence, CSAA is also alternatively called the AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah (AAA NCNU).

AAA NCNU (or California State Automobile Association) has 100 offices in the regions they operate, with around 6,000 employees. Their headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but each area has a local office with agents who are professional and always willing to assist.

The insurance arm of AAA NCNU (or California State Automobile Association) offers the following types of insurance: vehicle insurance, property insurance, and life insurance & annuities. As experts in the automotive industry, AAA NCNU is capable of offering the best type of vehicle insurance, with superior coverage at affordable rates. The types of vehicles covered under vehicle insurance are automobiles, motorcycles and ATVs, and watercrafts. The insurance highlights for each type of vehicle vary depending on the state, but in all states, comprehensive insurance is provided plus property damage liability. Moreover, a multi-policy discount is provided if the member also insures another vehicle or his home with AAA. For car insurance, there are Hybrid Auto Reduced Rates, in order to encourage users of alternative fuel automobiles and hybrids. There is also a Multiple Watercraft Discount, should a member insure two or more watercrafts.

AAA NCNU (or California State Automobile Association) also provides the most competitive property insurance plans in California. The Home Insurance pays as much as 150% of the home coverage limit, and boasts of accessible agents to help members with their claims. In addition to the home coverage, they also offer a smoke and burglar alarm discount, a multi-policy discount, and a new loan discount. Members may also avail of the Renters Insurance and a Rental Property Insurance. Renters can insure their personal property, loss of use, as well as the actual structure being rented. Members from Nevada and Utah also get specialized discounts.

AAA NCNU (or California State Automobile Association) expanded to include life insurance and annuities. Among its products are Term Life Insurance, which offers higher coverage for lower premiums, the Universal Life Insurance, which allows adjustable payments and makes funds accessible, the Whole Life Insurance, which offers long term coverage, and Annuities, which are tax-deferred and flexible. Another great feature of AAA NCNU’s life insurance plans is the fact that clients get 100% of their premiums back. If the Return on Premium Rider is added to any life insurance product, the client is guaranteed that all premium payments will be returned by the end of the policy’s first term period, provided the payment was never used.