Combined Insurance Company

Combined Insurance Company
1000 North Milwaukee Avenue
Glenview, Illinois 60025 USA

Supplemental Insurance – this is Combined Insurance Company’s specialty. With multiple fields of supplemental insurances, namely, accident, disability, health, and even life policies, policyholders don’t have to worry in case they decide to inquire and acquire a new plan.

What is a supplemental insurance? From the name itself, the plan, regardless if you already have an existing insurance or not, offers an added protection by providing extra funds in case there are parts of the policy that were not covered or in case there are an unexpected expenses. A policyholder also has the choice regarding how they spend the money because the benefits are redirected him/her. Lastly, the company assures that its policies are affordable in order to compensate for the costly living of Americans.

With determination, an eagle’s spirit, and a couple of $50 bucks, Combined Insurance was officially established in 1922 by W. Clement Stone. Today, Combined Insurance is still on the lead in terms of providing quality service with the help of its team of experts, employees, brokers and staff members, led by chairman Douglas Wendt, chief financial officers Larry Cohen and Mark Hammond, senior vice president and chief marketing officer James Coleman, and executive vice president and chief actuary Steven Lippai,.

As an active member of the ACE Group of Companies, a casualty and commercial insurance company, Combined Insurance has made its products available to the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States. Also, being a customer-centric company, it provides reader-friendly supplemental insurance plans, thus, ensuring that policyholders can understand what provisions are indicated in the policy and an assurance of their money’s worth.

Currently, this 10,000-powered company offers five major supplemental policy plans: disability, accident, health, life and Medicare supplement.

Supplemental disability insurance provides benefits to totally disabled and unable-to-work individuals. Supplemental accident insurance provides precise benefits and gains from emergency room care, hospitalization, outpatient surgery, recovery income, and more. Supplemental health insurance sets importance in terms of is the occurrence of a major illness. Supplemental life insurance takes pride as a substitute in case that a policyholder is not able to care for someone due to unforeseen circumstances. Lastly, Medicare supplement is offered in order to fill in unwanted and unexpected expenses, like deductibles and co-payments, under Medicare.

According to Combined Insurance’s 2009 financial report, it has garnered a total of $1,358,027 in revenue, a net operating gain of $288,673, and total assets of $2,899,291. In line with this report, the company proves that it is a financially stable insurance firm.

In order to further prove the company’s worth, Combined Insurance has had undergone several evaluation from different assessment and rating expert companies. Presently, it has received an A (superior) rank from both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. Moody’s has given it an A2 rank; Better Business Bureau, an A+; and Fitch, an AA-.