Cotton States Insurance Company

Cotton States Insurance Company
244 Perimeter Center Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30346

Looking for an insurance and investment partner that can be trusted and is financially stable? One that can provide financial security for you and your family and business? Then the Cotton States Insurance Company is the insurance and investment firm for you. Cotton States provides services that can protect your home, car, and especially your family. It also offers various educational plans for your children’s future, as well as retirement plans of your dreams.

Established in 1941, Cotton States, previously known as Cotton Farmers Insurance Association (CFMIA) was established by a group of framers from Georgia in response to the difficult economic state during that period. In 2005, the company joined forces with the Country Financial Group, resulting to a more financially stable firm.

Currently, the Cotton States is composed of people who are experts and has served as financial, sales, information services, actuarial, and even banking and marketing representatives. In addition, this team also has the dedication to achieve the financial stability of its clients. The company’s key officials include chief operating officer Jeff Koerner, senior vice president of Service Operations Allan Reiss, and senior vice president of Life and Health Operations Wade Harrison, to name a few.

Trust—this is what makes the 69-year-old company successful, earning them a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an agency assessing and scoring different companies in Metro Atlanta, Athens and NE Georgia.

The 300-strong Cotton States conducts initial need assessment to its policyholders in order to ensure quality protection. Topics discussed in the assessment include various life events such as marriage, retiring, losing job, etc, that may affect its clients’ finances. The evaluation also includes discussing retirement insurance plans and possible future investments, for possible income-generating opportunities in building a better future. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss plans and issues, like educational, home, auto and even income protection plans, with the company’s top caliber professionals .

Aside from the initial need assessment that the company conducts, policyholders and investors can choose from a number of insurance, investment and financial security plans that the company offers. Under the insurance plan, it offers affordable and adequate insurance coverage that prevents unwanted expenses. Plans offered include auto, home and renters, life, farm and ranch, business, long-term care, disability income and annuities. Meanwhile, investments are offered for future source of income or as a future resource for the future. This includes mutual funds, managed accounts, trusts, retirement, education funding, business retirement services, investing. Lastly, financial security discusses the do’s and don’ts of investing and insuring.