Country Financial Services Insurance Company

Country Financial Services Insurance Company
1701 North Towanda Avenue
Bloomington, IL 61701-2057

For almost 85 years, Country Financial Services Insurance Company has been one of the top insurance firms in the United States, offering both insurance and investments. It assures balance in terms of finances in building a better future for you and your family.

Established in 1925 by the Illinois Agricultural Association, Country Financial was purposed to compensate the growing needs of farmers in fire and lightning insurances. In addition, salesmen rarely visit their places, and in case a salesman goes to his place, the company offers pricey insurance compared with those that were being offered in the city. From an initial 385 customers, its customers grew to millions, thanks to its quality service and dedication made possible by their five-starred employees and executives such as chief executive officer John Blackburn, chief operating officer Barbara Baurer, Sales senior vice president Paul Bishop, Human Resources and Communications senior vice president Steve Denault.

Car, home and family – these are three of the top plans that Country Financial offers. It pledges to protect those and provide financial stability for you and your family. With approximately 5,000 employees, including its financial representatives and interns, the company assures focused and one-on-one guidance and intervention, thus making a significant difference in people’s lives. In addition, policyholders are given a chance to help their supported charities by offering donation boxes and volunteer services.

One of the world’s best, Country Financial has been awarded by various ranking and review firms as superior and dependable, one of them is the Weiss Ratings, which gave the company an A+ rating last year, the highest rate that can be given. Other awards and ratings that Country Financial received last year were an A+ superior rating from both A.M. Best Company, Inc. and Better Business Bureau. This rating has been consistent for the past 70 years. Currently, the company has been ranked as the 599th out of the 1,000 best companies by Fortune 1000; previously, it was ranked 668th. Additionally, in order to assure quality service, the company has been a member of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) for 10 years.

Lastly, what makes this insurance firm unique is that it has created a financial index reports website, which its current and future clients can have access to. This proves how financially stable the company is, thus giving a peace of mind to its policyholders. Last August 17, 2010, Country Financial released a press statement showing an increase net income from $62.8 million last year to $63.7 million. According to the report, the company is on a steady state in terms of financial stability, and that America is slowly recovering from recession since Americans have learned how to properly handle their finances, like budgeting and debt paying.