Deerbrook Insurance

Deerbrook Insurance Company
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL

Your car is in good hands with Deerbrook Insurance Company. Deerbrook guarantees that it has sufficient background and experience to provide quality care that will meet your auto insurance needs. With solid foundation and service, it assures strong relationships that will grant quality coverage and peace of its policyholder’s mind.

This customer-centered company was a subsidiary company of Allstate Protection, a firm that offers non-standardized auto insurance. With deals on various automobile insurance plans to 20 states in the southeastern, southwestern, and midwestern United States, Deerbrook assures that it listens to every need of its customers. The company is led by the best executives, namely, chairman Cynthia Young, president and director Mark Thompson; and chief finance officer Don Civgin, to name a few.

Deerbrook’s research reveals that each year, one out of seven drivers in America has been exposed to an automobile accident, in which approximately 3,000 die and that the research further shows that this can be prevented with the plans being offered such as in case you see your cars as an auto theft temptation; learning on how to be a defensive driver; no to drunk driving; know your passenger’s right and safety; know and avoid road ranges or assess oneself; and lastly, being cautious with driving teams. The company believes that following these simple guidelines can help their policyholders save time, money, and especially their lives. In addition, they provided tips on how to handle unwanted accidents, in which they had pointed out that presence of mind is the best way in controlling the situation. And of course, after the incident, they can contact Deerbrook’s 24/7 online customer support for additional guidance in terms of claiming their claims.

Aside from providing auto safety tips to their clients, another thing which makes this company special is that it does not just offer insurance but it also suggests what plan would probably be the best for its clients, providing them the freewill to choose what best insurance plan fits them.

In order to assure accuracy in every status report made by the company, Deerbrook utilizes the credit information system, which is used to monitor and to forecast loss potential that may be experienced by a policyholder. And in order to guide its current and future clients to understand this concept, the company provides a brochure that explains in detailed layman’s terms possible frequently asked questions.

Recently, Deerbrook received an A+ (superior) rating from A.M. Best Company, an insurance review specialist. This only proves that Deerbrook is one of the best automobile insurance companies around.