Equitable Insurance Company

Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company
3 Triad Center
Salt Lake City, Utah 84180-1200

There are so many insurance products that you can get today; however, most of them are designed for the young generation. Often, senior members of the community are not taken into consideration. But there’s Equitable Life and Casualty, a unique insurance company that provides services specifically designed for the seniors.

The company started in 1935 with a vision by one doctor, Dr. Roderick Earl Ross, of a business that is driven to success and gives fair and equal treatment to all. Today, Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance is determined to become the number-one provider of life and health insurance for the senior community and their families to help them lead happier and secure lives.

The company is headed by its chairman and chief executive officer E. Rod Ross, who happens to be the grandson of the doctor who established the company more than 70 years ago.

The company portfolio of products includes the following packages – Medicare Supplement, Life Insurance and Cash Benefits.

Medicare Supplement is a product that is designed to cover additional expenses that are not covered by the “Original Medicare” program provided by the Federal government. These include Medicare coinsurance costs and other deductibles. The plan is readily available to seniors aged 65 years and older.

Life Insurance is a plan to protect against the financial effects of one’s death. It is a guarantee to the planholder’s family members that they will be protected from financial risk and provides them with monetary resources for their future.

Under Cash Benefits Plan, the company offers CancerCare+, EquiCash and EquiCare 790. These policies are designed to protect seniors from financial risks that are carried by incurring diseases and their treatment during the insured’s lifetime. These benefits are considered to be supplemental plans and their premiums are often paid in addition to the payments for other coordinated insurances and benefits, like Medicare. The significance of these plans is that they have funding that the policy owner can draw from, for other purposes, apart from being health-related.

CancerCare+ can be utilized as coverage together with the senior’s other insurance or he/she may opt to use it by itself. This plan can be used to meet costs that are related to diagnosis and initial treatment of cancer, overnight stays at the hospitals, and even in-patient or out-patient services related to a treatment.

EquiCash, meanwhile, is another option to cover the increasing costs associated with hospitalizations. Compared with this plan, EquiCare 790 is one that is designed to protect the insured from the financial risk of staying in a nursing home for less than a year.  In all the cash benefit coverage offered by the company, the concern and care for the well-being of the policy owners can be clearly observed.

It is this streak of nurturing attitude and personal care that makes Equitable different from other insurance companies. With Equitable Life, each policy owner is provided a high level of personal service that is sure to delight the consumer and lead to a long and strong client base relationship.

Today, the company carries on providing great service and care toward its policy owners, employees and agents alike. Equitable Life’s unique streak lies in its personalized approach to the business and high standards in rendering service.