Farm Bureau Insurance Company

Farm Bureau Insurance Company
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 78
Jackson, MS 39205

Southern folks are known for their straightforward and simple approach to solving problems and issues. This same streak of character can be clearly seen in Farm Bureau Insurance Company.

Whatever kinds of challenges there are, Southerners are assured that the company will be there to help them through the rough times, and to support and protect them from financial risks.

Established in 1946, Farm Bureau aims to provide its policyholders with competitive insurance coverage and any additional service needed to carry out these policies. Five Farm Bureau associations made true their vision of providing another need of the Southern farmers through the offering of life insurance programs. The new institution was called Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company and it started operating in Jackson, Mississippi. The initial goals of the newly-formed firm was to serve the Southern folks, normally composed of farmers and ranchers and other members of the farming communities through insurance programs that are reasonably priced.

Through time, additional policies evolved in order to emphasize the need to provide for the welfare of the South. In addition, a focused management further propelled the company into enjoying a huge margin of success within its scope of market and products offered.

Farm Bureau can be found in the following Southern states: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Arkansas. In addition, Farm Bureau services policy owners that reside in Florida, Madison and Anderson in South Carolina. It also provides the same service to such locations as Baton Rouge and Jacksonville. The customer base for the company has widened in scope but with this expansion, the firm remains loyal to its initial goals and provides the customers with great service that they deserve. With all the additional plans and programs that are provided by the company, it is here to serve the Southern community primarily.

Farm Bureau enjoys a solid financial reputation in life insurance. This is emphasized by the excellent rating that is given to the company by ratings firms,like A.M. Best and Ward Group. Southern Farm Family Bureau enjoys an “A+” (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, signifying an overall superior financial performance when measured against Best’s standards. This rating is reflected by the “A” score (Excellent) given by which indicates the exceptional financial strength of the company.

Farm Bureau’s portfolio of products can be divided into two parts: insurance policies and financial tools to prepare you for the uncertainties in the future such as retirement and business or estate planning.

Under insurance plans, the company offers the permanent life, term life, others insurance, auto insurance and homeowners insurance. Under financial planning, there are retirement planning, estate plans, and business planning.

Farm Bureau offers both permanent and term life insurance schemes for its insurance plans. These plans offer the insured death benefit as well as building up of cash value, which can provide the policyholder additional alternatives.

Under permanent life insurance, or plans that are to protect you for your lifetime, the following types of plans are available: Whole Life Insurance,15 Payment Life Insurance, 20 Payment Life Insurance, 30 Payment Life Insurance, Modified Premium Whole Life Insurance, Single Premium Whole Life Insurance, and Adjustable Premium Life Insurance.

Some people prefer to invest in programs that are for a limited time only. These are “term” insurance plans and Farm Bureau offers the following: 10-Year Term Life Insurance, 20-Year Term Life Insurance, 30-Year Term Life Insurance, 10/20 year term policies that are attached to a permanent policy or “rider” plans.

Aside from products and financial planning tools mentioned above, the company continuously updates its portfolio to include programs that are designed to provide the policy owners more comfort and security in the world they live in.

The South is certainly lucky to have a company like Farm Bureau that looks after the needs of the community and the welfare of the Southern folks.  So if you are from the South and you are also thinking of ways to ensure your financial future, maybe Farm Bureau can provide you with alternatives you can use.