Fidelity Insurance Company

Fidelity Insurance Company
The Law Building
PO Box 14, The Valley
Anguilla, British West Indies
264- 497-0484

In the world today, people can prepare for the financial future of their family and loved ones through careful management of investments and/or estate planning. Part of this preparation includes purchase of personal life insurance to secure the future of the family.

When it comes to security of assets and tax and estate management, there is one company that immediately comes to mind – Fidelity Insurance Company. One of the largest insurance companies in the world, Fidelity Insurance, Ltd. is headquartered in the British West Indies and is under the guidance of Alliance Holding Company.

An international insurance company, Fidelity offers its American clients lower premiums and more flexibility than many counterpart national carriers. The company offers comprehensive plans that emphasize investments and benefits that are exempt from tax. Life insurance coverage and plans offered by the company are supported by the most financially stable underwriter insurance firms in the globe.

Fidelity was created to fit the needs of U.S. clients who have a responsibility to file and pay taxes on income generated all over the world. In order to protect Americans who strictly adhere to the taxation and requirements of the government, Fidelity also follows the Internal Revenue Code as well as U.S. Treasury Requirements.

The company list of experts and professionals can be found in Anguilla, Nevis and the Bahamas. This pool of international talents is headed by Keithley Lake, Director of Fidelity; Duane Crithfield, President; and Gina Bruney, Office Manager.

Fidelity products zero in on three particular areas: tax benefits, asset protection and death benefit. The company firmly believes that the secret to unearthing the tax-free benefits of investments within a life insurance plan lies in expert management and structure. When properly managed, tax-free features can accumulate over the years, and can be withdrawn from the policy exempt from any taxations, at the same time, the proceeds from the insurance can be passed on to the policyholder’s estate without any tax.

Clients who do not require a life insurance can also choose annuity products which accumulate freely without tax. However, unlike in life insurance, the proceeds from an annuity are not exempted from tax. Death benefits of life coverage, on the other hand, can be used by the insured’s family as funds for payments and purchase of assets.

Another field of expertise by the company is asset protection – this is especially significant to residents of states where benefits from life plans and annuities cannot be encompassed by bankruptcy declarations and seizure of judicial courts.

Why go international when you can purchase life insurance from a domestic firm? There are several benefits in choosing an international company rather than a locally based firm. Aside from the general tax and death benefits and asset protection, Fidelity offers account segregation to its policyholders. This means that the portfolios of assets and life insurance of the insured are separate from that of the company and its other clients. At the same time, compared to domestic carriers, Fidelity offers a greater number of products to its American clients and more flexibility in terms of payment – the company can accept portion of the premiums “in kind”, meaning a part of the payment can be made with assets that cannot be turned into paper money within 60 days.

If you are looking for better security and more options, then Fidelity might just open doors of opportunities for you. It is always a good decision to go with a company that has a wide range of assets and expertise, and Fidelity Insurance Company is exactly that.