First American Insurance Company

First American Insurance Company
1 First American Way
Santa Ana, California
Toll Free: 800-854-3643
Local: 714-250-3000

When a company stays true to its commitment in providing efficient, accurate and  value-laden customer service, it comes as no surprise that a small company that started in one county can evolve into a global leader of title insurance and settlement service. Such is the case of First American Insurance Company.

Their modest beginnings dates back to 1889 in Orange County, California. During this time, this was far from the OC we know today. It was severely undeveloped. and with only two companies providing title services to the town, visionary C.E. Parker decided that it was time to combine these two strong forces and create a powerful insurance company. Orange County Title Company eventually evolved into First American Title Company and has expanded its coverage outside of California. Compelled with the drive and determination to expand operations in Southern California, they exceeded their own expectations and managed to set up shop in four more states. And this was only the beginning.

By 1988, First American Insurance Company already set their global footprint in over 70 countries. Title insurance was also offered to Canadian nationals. This paved the way for this strategic team to pioneer title insurance services to different areas of the globe. They now hold business in Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Australia and England. Their corporate headquarters is based in Santa Ana, California.

Relentless in their efforts to expand global presence, First American continues to work with some of the world’s leaders to help explore more opportunities overseas. Aside from Title Insurance and Services, First American has also ventured into property and casualty insurance, banking and investment management as well as international services. Today, they continue to serve homebuyers, sellers, brokers, agents, professionals and consumers through these various offerings. One of First American’s major goals is to help develop new markets and provide excellent financial services to individuals and businesses, and their 120-year legacy holds true to this mission.

Sustaining a global footprint requires the right amount of diversity, and it is within First American’s efforts to continue to pool for the best mix of the most experienced and skilled workforce around the world. Despite the changes in the economy and unpredictable events, First American Insurance Company will uphold their mission to create value in the title insurance industry.