First Investors Life Insurance Company

First Investors Life Insurance Company
110 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005-3830

Do you feel frustrated because you just cannot seem to get hold of a plan that provides a solution to your every need? Does the information provided by representatives, agents and brokers seem the same to you whichever company you are consulting? Then, it’s time you get in contact with the First Investors Life Insurance office nearest you.

Since 1930, First Investors Life Insurance Company has been providing services and products to clients through interpersonal approach to life policies and other types of investments. The company has been helping its customers reach their goals of financial security by helping them provide for the future education of family members and achieve a secure retirement.

Using a five-point value system, First Investors is able to come up with a fruitful collaboration with its clients because of a strong commitment to serving the needs of the customers first, an emphasis on personal and company integrity, a passion for excellence, an atmosphere of mutual respect, and a strong work ethic.

These five values make up the cornerstones of service and work that the company provides its clients and result to long-term and outstanding relationships with the employees and the customers.

First Investors offer a wide array of products, from mutual stocks (stocks and bonds) to life insurance and annuities. The company products are designed to meet the personal and business needs of the customers it is serving. It is the underwriter for all of the life insurance products of First Investors.

Annuities are insurance products that are tailored to provide the insured with a sense of financial security in his retirement years. The plan comes with a cash benefit that compensates for an income during the retirement. This is a good way for retirees to ensure that they are equipped with a source of income during their advanced years when there is no more potential for them to be employed for work to support their lifestyles. First Investors offers both fixed deferred plan (First Advantage) and Tax Tamer II (Variable Deferred Annuity).

The company also carries both permanent and term life insurance plans. Permanent plans are suited to individuals who desire to be insured for a long time, or throughout their lives. The regular payments for permanent plans are fixed and the policy will be in effect as long as you are paying for the premiums. A strong selling point for permanent plans is its cash value – money that can be used during the your lifetime for other purposes, like your children’s educational requirements.

When you have identified a specific period in your life where you may be under financial risk, then you are a prime candidate for getting a term insurance plan. Initial premiums for a term type of plan can be lower than that of a permanent plan however after the initial term, the premium that you are paying can increase.

Knowing all these information about First Investors can reassure that with the company, your questions and future financial concerns will be catered to and resolved. A lot of company can offer insurance plans but it is not often that you find one that designs plans to suit your every requirement and need. If you are looking for a financial way to guarantee your future and security, then it is time to sign up and apply for First Investors Life Insurance Company’s plans and products.