First Penn Pacific Insurance Company

First Penn Pacific Insurance Company
10 North Martingale Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60173

With the availability of service and insurance companies around, it is still difficult to choose insurance products to purchase. With companies promoting their plans religiously and the same features being duplicated, it is confusing to settle on one product that you will purchase in order to secure the financial state of your family in the future. For consumers, there must be some significant detail that should widen the gap between the offerings in order to choose the best plan or product to go with.

If you value traditions and wish to become acquainted with a wider range of insurance coverage and alternatives, then First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Financial Group of Companies are two important companies that you should definitely check out.

First Penn-Pacific was founded in the 1979 and is now part of the various companies that comprise the Lincoln National Financial Group. The company provides service to 49 states and the District of Columbia. The Lincoln group is headed by its president and chief executive officer Dennis Glass. First Penn’s key people include senior vice president and chief operating officer Thomas King and VP of Sales Joanne Eisbrener.

The company is rated A+ by independent financial rating company A.M. Best Rating. This score validates the financial strength and security held by the company in the insurance market. In addition, as subsidiary of the Lincoln group, the company is also included in the accolade given to the group: number 27 on Fortune 500, number three company when it comes to insurance sales, number five company with the largest amount of variable annuity plans sold, and number nine in overall ranking for total sales of fixed annuity plans.

As part of the Lincoln group, First Penn-Pacific underwrites and markets life insurance products that provide policyholders the security of knowing that the future of their family is protected from financial risks. The company emphasizes the preservation of the comfort level and the safety of the insured and their families. First Penn also serves as the marketing arm of the group, handling the promotion and sales of the company’s products and services to millions of Americans located in the states where the company is licensed to operate and sell.

First Penn offers term plans and related benefits that include retirement alternatives, death benefit and accumulation of cash value. Some of its products include GTO 10, up to a 30-year term.

The company is backed by more than 100 years of service and great products. The Lincoln group offers annuities, mutual funds, life insurance and others. Today, it is part of the machinery that provides more than 12 million Americans with assistance in order to ensure the accumulation, guarding and allocation of their wealth during their lifetime and even after death, for the families and loved ones who will be left behind.

Very little information specifically targeted to First Penn-Pacific Company is available. The company has been so closely integrated into the Lincoln Financial Group that separating one from the other in terms of history and business ranking and service is extremely difficult. Annual sales of First Penn are estimated at $160,287,446. Company personnel are composed of insurance agents and brokers, together with direct company employees.