First Security Insurance Company

First Security Insurance Company
295 Highway 6 West
Batesville, MS 38606
(662) 563-9311

First Security Insurance is a subsidiary of the First Security Bank in Batesville Mississippi. It was established in 1952 with a starting capital of $50,000, an employee count of only five and one branch. As of today, the company prides in its business strength with more than $475 million in assets. There are 15 branches and in North Mississippi alone, they serve five counties. More than 200 employees are under First Security. The firm ranks at number 127 out of the prestigious Top 200 Community Banks honored by US Banker Magazine.

Genuine personal service is the guiding principle to all customers, has been the guiding principle of the company throughout its 50-year history. In 2006, it started to offer liability insurance to businesses and individuals in order to help protect themselves and their wealth.

Under the leadership of Frank West who is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, all personnel follow a strict code of ethics. It is the general responsibility of senior financial offers to maintain integrity, honesty, and dedication in performing their duties to represent the corporation. Truthfulness in all financial statements is the guarding principle of the company. Therefore no misleading or fraudulent information has no place in any business transaction. Full disclosure when it comes to applicable government regulations is practiced.

Their insurance division is very comprehensive because it offers total coverage for almost all aspects of living a secured life. First Security even offers insurance for art pieces and other collectibles of ample value. In 1987, the AXA Art Insurance Corporation or AXA Art was established. Its goal was to be the solution to the pressing need of affordable insurance for fine art and other collectibles. This comprises of art professionals in the business of insurance who aim to protect cultural and historical treasures through the protection of owners against financial loss and the preservation of these pieces for the next generations to come. They offer coverage for: Personal Fine Art and Collectibles, Museums, Exhibits, Corporate Fine Art, Historical Property and Fine Art Dealers.

First Security’s goal is to make insurance policies protect every aspect of human life and investment. This includes wedding plans. Under the wedding protector plan, the company understands that matrimonial ceremonies are big financial investments that need to be protected as well. On average, the wedding cost today is at $27,000 but no matter how it is carefully planned some things are just bound to go wrong for others. For example, venues may not be available due to bad weather leaving a couple no place to celebrate and with damages. With this wedding insurance, they can avoid these types of financial hassles.

Another unique feature offered by First Security is the pet insurance. The coverage includes annual checkups and even surgeries for these adopted family members. This program is in partnership with ASPCA. The range includes wellness, long-term care, accident, illness and more.

First Security offers insurance coverage for Property, Life, Vehicle, Business, Dental and Health.