Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company

Frankenmuth Insurance Company
1 Mutual Avenue
Frankenmuth, MI 48787
United States

Looking for an insurance company that offers home coverage, personal automobile, and even umbrella insurance all in one? Frankenmuth Insurance Company does that. With active offices located in 47 states, Frankenmuth will always be accessible to its customers, policyholders, and future clients.

Great things start from small beginnings. Established in 1868 by a group of Bavarian pioneer settlers, Frankenmuth started as a true mutual insurance company under the name of Deutschen Frankenmuther Unterstützungs Verein (German Frankenmuth Aid Association). In 1921, the car-booming era, the company opened its door to automobile insurance policies. And due to its consistent quality and affordable insurance services, Frankenmuth decided to expand its insurance services to fire insurance policies in 1958 in Michigan, where it is considered as the second-largest company.

Today, Frankenmuth is considered as one of the most financially stable insurance companies in the United States and continues to deliver and offer quality services to its customers.

For more than 140 years, Frankenmuth has not failed to deliver equality and quality service all at the same time. This was made possible by its top caliber and loyal employees, now led by chief executive officer John Benson, vice president of Marketing and director Frederick Edmond, VP and director Dave Honold, and VP Bryan Gilleland. The big men of the company assure quality control over their approximately 500 employees and see to it that they review their policies from time to time.

Aside from quality service, Frankenmuth continues its legacy by maintaining its status as one of the most financially stable insurance firms all over U.S. As of December 2009, the company has an estimated $1 billion in assets and approximately $500 million in revenues.

The company’s quality assurance is made possible by different ranks and rating companies that assess the overall capabilities of an insurance company.  According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Frankenmuth is an A+ company as of February 2010 because of its consistent benefits and assistance that it offers to people., on the other hand, gave an A rank for the company. Top 10 Ease of Doing Business was the rank given by Deep Customer Connections (DCC). However, along with the flying stars and colors received by the insurance firm, A.M. Best had decreased its rating from A+ to AA- as of May 2010 because of the four pooling members of Frankenmuth resulting to a declining operating performance for the past five years.