GMAC Auto Insurance

GMAC Auto Insurance
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For GMAC Auto Insurance, service does not solely mean insurance of vehicles, or of material things that their owners posses; service means ensuring that the owners themselves feel safe that there is someone, or something, they can count on in helping them protect their most cherished possessions.

GMAC Auto Insurance, though originally formed in Canada, is currently one of the developed and reliable insurance companies in the United States, focusing on automobiles.  It was founded in 1919, and has been an affiliate company of General Motors. GMAC’s main offices are found in such states as North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, and Michigan. However, it has offices and operations that extend through Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

In one fiscal year, GMAC Auto Insurance has a combined $1.3 billion in net of auto premiums.  It currently has 14,000 independent agents for Insurance, and over 2,000 employees serving almost a million customers all in U.S. alone.  These committed independent agents aid customers in the latter’s different insurance queries, needs, and concerns, giving appropriate insurance suggestions and advice, and even a quick, friendly, and comfortable service.  Aside from that, they help customers in providing the much-needed insurance, either for their cars, trucks, vans, or motorcycles.

GMAC Auto Insurance offers an easy-to-use program for commercial automobiles, which can either be a personal or corporate vehicle. It has several options for payments, which are categorized in a six-month-based policy or in an annual scheme.  Currently, it serves tradesmen, contractors, and artisans.

The company has also made a mark in the motorcycle industry, since it also provides insurance plans for this type of vehicle. It has coverage packages and discounts convenient for biker clients or motorcycle enthusiasts.  The package includes full, economy or liability-only packages that clients can choose from.  The types of bikes which insurance can be applied for include Harley-Davidson type of bikes, trikes, ATVs, even golf carts and touring bikes. It also offers discounts such as five percent association discount, 10 percent homeowners’ discount and 20 percent safe driver discount.

GMAC Auto Insurance has a two-fold important mission: to support volunteerism of its employees, since yearly, they dedicate their energy, efforts, and time to their communities; and to support the education of the younger generation.  The firm also finds the time to aid kids, and even institutions concerned with the young, through educational resources and opportunities.

GMAC Auto Insurance instills in its employees the thinking that they are more than just taking care of the quality of their services internally or for the good of the company itself. More than that, it aims to make sure that it only gives what’s best and necessary for its clients.  Vehicles or automobiles go beyond their purpose of providing travel.  It paves the way to freedom, and the people’s capability to change.  GMAC Auto Insurance gives one the change to get back on track after a certain challenge, difficulty, or mishap.