GuideOne Insurance

GuideOne Insurance
1111 Ashworth Road
West Des Moines, IA 50265-3538

Is your church looking for an insurance company or maybe your university is in search of one? In that case, GuideOne Insurance Company is the one for you.

GuideOne is a unique insurance company as it does not only focus on mass marketing its products but also specializes in meeting and catering the unique needs of its niche customers, which include churches, private schools and universities, autos, homes, and senior living communities.

The company has been in business for more than 60 years, even before niche marketing and corporate citizenship became popular business strategies. The company was founded upon two philosophies: commitment to social responsibilities and dedication to serving select niche markets.

It all started in the mid-1940s when William Plymat thought of giving non-drinkers an insurance coverage with lower rates. And on April 1, 1947, GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company was founded under the name of Preferred Mutual Insurance Company. It was first licensed to operate in the state of Iowa.

The company is led by Jim Wallace as its chairman, president, and chief executive officer. Its experienced and energetic leaders work together in order for them to achieve GuideOne’s goal of becoming one of America’s great companies.

In its 60-year history, GuideOne has had a lot of milestones. It was the first company to introduce the first multiple-peril package policy for churches. Today, it serves more than 45,000 churches across the United States. Guide One is an industry leader when it comes to safety and security. It provides one of the most comprehensive insurance coverage through the GuideOne Center for Risk Management and Safe Church. Aside from this, the special services offered by GuideOne are unmatchable in the industry.

The company also offers life, disability, and annuity products. For its annuity products members can choose flexible premium deferred plan, single premium deferred, and/or single premium immediate plan. It also has an individual retirement annuity (IRA) plan, simplified employee plan (SEP), and tax-sheltered annuity plan (TSA). Its life coverage include term life, universal life,and whole life. Term life has two plans: the total term series, where a member can have a 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-year level term period and the group term. Meanwhile, universal life has three different plans: universal life, no-lapse guarantee universal life, and children’s policies. Lastly, whole life has whole life and gift of life for children.

GuideOne Insurance also has health coverage called long-term care insurance. This is for skilled, intermediate, and custodial care for those who are staying in private homes, adult care settings, assisted-living facility and/or nursing home.

GuideOne is unique in that it has coverage for educational institution that started in the mid-’70s, which number to nearly 770 schools today.

Aside from being one of America’s largest insurer of churches, GuideOne also has one of the finest homeowners and auto policies. It is also among the top five senior living community insurers. It has a product called Faith Guard intended for those who are actively attending churches.

GuideOne’s products are being sold nationwide through 1,500 independent and company agents.

Since its inception in 1947, GuideOne has changed so much. Today, it continues to focus on meeting the needs of its niche markets. Together with its expert agents and social commitment that never wavers, GuideOne is on the right track of becoming of the country’s premier niche market insurer.