Hartford Insurance

Hartford Insurance
The Hartford Plaza
Hartford, CT 06155

For over 400 years, the Hartford City in Connecticut has gained prestige by being one of the oldest cities in the US. They are also popularly known as The Insurance Capital of the World because its serves as home to several of the world’s biggest insurance companies. Most of the large insurance corporations have housed their corporate headquarters in this city, and on this side of the region, insurance seems to be one of the most prevalent industries. You would probably get to see one at every corner; buildings would host several companies of the same nature, offering insurance coverage plans for your various needs. With so many names and brands to choose from, how are we able to select the one that’s right for us? The Hartford Insurance Company carries this name with pride; for over 200 years, they continue to serve as one of the biggest investment and insurance companies in the country. In a region where competition between insurance industries are common, The Hartford sets themselves apart and have specialized their operations in Life and Property and Casualty Insurance.

Since 1810, one of the Hartford Insurance’s primary goals was to remain customer-focused in all their interactions and activities. Their drive to create value by means of responsible risk management was evident in how they were able to grow tremendously over the past few decades. Today, The Hartford Insurance has over 30,000 employees in the United States and 12,500 all housed in Connecticut. Worldwide, they boast of 30,000 employees — a true testament to their commitment to bring excellence and diversity through insurance while making a global footprint.

Their continuous drive for customer focus, integrity, teamwork and an overall winning spirit is reflected in their financial discipline and performance. They were rated by financial agency AM Best as an A, which equates to an Excellent rating and would demonstrate their stability as a company despite the crisis. Over the years, they have been rated as an A+, a rating that is not shared among several insurance companies today. With over $300 billion in assets and $10 billion in revenue, it is clear that the Hartford Insurance formula for success has reaped its great rewards.

Liam E. McGee continues to serve as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, and his firm belief in being able to share this success through corporate social responsibility has provided them more venues  to grow and prosper. Their participation in several global social causes and support of athletic endeavors such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the US Paralympics is proof of their values. They were heralded as one of the Most Ethical Companies for three consecutive years in a row – for 2008, 2009 and again in 2010.

The Hartford Insurance becomes more than just an insurance and wealth management company. They have branched out into Japan, partnering with Nikko Securities and last year started to invest in the US market. With a 200 year legacy, there continues  to be endless opportunities for a company like The Hartford.