Infinity Insurance Company

Infinity Insurance Company
Corporate headquarters
3700 Colonnade Parkway
AL 35243

The registered name of the company is Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation (IPCC). It is a market leader in personal auto insurance which is non-standard. This basically means that the carrier offers coverage to drivers who have a prone to higher risks than the normal. These may be due to a person’s driving record, the type of vehicle owned and the individual’s age. This category of drivers is willing to pay higher rates for the standard insurance a non-high risk driver avails of.

The company’s automobile products and services are designed to meet the various needs of the clients. There are three major types of policies that Infinity Insurance offers.

Low Cost policies are designed for people who might not have the cleanest driving records. The goal of this policy is to provide minimum coverage that the state requires. Drivers looking for the cheapest auto insurance or the most basic insurance can avail of this affordable policy.

The next policy which is offered is the Value-Added policy. This is typically offered to customers who would like to purchase an insurance policy with the purpose of protecting their vehicle. This category includes drivers who’ve had one or two violations in their driving records. The Value-Added policy has more coverage compared to the basic Low Cost one.

A customer, who has a pristine driving record, wants more coverage and higher limits will be advised to obtain the Premier policy. Business firms that employ at least one non-standard risk driver can also avail of the non-standard commercial automobile policy. Ideally, these businesses should have a fleet of 12 or fewer automobiles. Businesses which utilize vehicles in hazardous operations are avoided. This includes long distance travels involving interstate commerce.

Infinity Auto Insurance holds license to offer insurance services, products and can operate in all 50 states. The main focus of the company is in the category of urban zones, where management believes, is potentially the highest prospect for profit and expansion. There are over 12,600 brokers and independent agents where insurance applicants can access the company’s products. They are all considered strategic partners.

In its mission statement, the company strives to give excellent customer service through various agencies including its online policy purchases. The firm was given an “A.M. Best Company” independent rating assuring the financial strength of the corporation. Aside from offering quality car insurance, it is proud to include specials and incentives in the list of factors contributing to its success.

High productivity and good job performance is highly valued and recognized in the company. Management strives to promote a healthy work environment for all its employees in support of personal and professional growth. The organization is highly dependent on its workforce and is constantly establishing goals and objectives which help in motivation and teamwork. Integrity is practiced when dealing with colleagues and customers.

Present economic conditions require businesses to be flexible and resilient. Over the years, Infinity Auto Insurance has concentrated in building and maintaining customers’ trust. This remains true today as the organization continues to perfect unlimited excellence.