John Hancock Insurance Company

John Hancock Insurance Company
601 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210

“The future is yours.” That is the vision of a global leader like the John Hancock Insurance Company. And they have definitely lived up to their name over the last few decades with a rich legacy and a brand that is truly theirs.

You have probably already heard of the name John Hancock in your US History classes in school. John Hancock, from which the name of the company was called, was the first person to sign the US Declaration of Independence. He is also known for that famous signature that the company continues to use to date. Because of his strong leadership, a team of individuals decided to use him as an inspiration for their company. George P. Sanger was hailed as the first president, and their goal was to create a company that will signify the highest degree of excellence, passion and integrity, three strong values that remain true even today.

John Hancock Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Manulife Financial and was acquired in 2003, and officially merged in 2004. This company is the 6th largest life insurance company as well as the second largest in all of North America. Combining both powerful forces has truly put a stronghold in the insurance industry; with over 4,000 employees based in their Boston, MA headquarters and over 24,000 employees around the globe, their global footprint continues to expand in 22 different countries all over the world. To be called the biggest in a world full of powerful corporations and large businesses is not an easy feat. But because of their continuous drive for excellence and a passion to provide the highest degrees of customer satisfaction, they continue to be well supported by thousands of employees in the region.

To say that a company like John Hancock is known worldwide would be an understatement. John Hancock was rated as one of the “100 Most Powerful Corporate, Media and Product Brands of the 20th century” by The New York Times and one of “America’s Greatest Brands” by the American Brands Council. By 2009, they already gained 98% brand recognition among the high market classes and a 94% brand recognition across the globe. And their financial performance speaks for itself; John Hancock formed 53 percent of Manulife Financial’s overall profits with $8.4 billion and $239 billion worth of funds as of June 2010.

They continue to provide services for 80 percent of the top financial concerns. This includes but is not limited to retirement plans, healthcare expenditures, and financial security after retirement. Despite their overwhelming success, they have decided to reach out as part of their corporate social responsibility, contributing as much as 7,500 volunteer hours and reached out to 7,000 youths since 2007. This means that the John Hancock Insurance Company has not only concentrated on their business services. They also decided to make a difference.

With a revolutionary leader like John Hancock as their inspiration, this well-established leader continues a legacy of value, integrity and professionalism, strong values that make them the employer of choice worldwide.