Liberty Life Assurance

Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
100 Liberty Way
Dover, NH 03820
Phone: 800-451-7065

Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston belongs to the Liberty Mutual Group. The company offers comprehensive coverage from various products in life insurance and annuity. It stands by their motto “making life easier”. This means that the firm focuses all its efforts in providing assistance to business partners and customers alike. In every aspect of its business dealings and operations, Liberty Life Assurance uses the customer’s viewpoint as their basis. The aim is to create sales from life insurance involving techniques that are easy and simple.

Upon its establishment in 1964, the initial goal of the company was to facilitate the national network of sales personnel from Liberty Mutual to provide personal insurance requirements and needs of people across the nation. From that time onwards, they have created a line of strong products, marketing strategies, and a service capability which delivers the business’s need for expansion. All these are responsible for touching numerous distribution channels.

Being a manufacturer of competitive products in life insurance, structured settlement and annuities, it is essential to use other organizations in the creation of viable distribution systems through their consumer bases. The approach has lead to the assurance of financial futures for over 700,000 citizens in the United States. Today, the firm is a market leader in providing non-credit life insurance employing the use of banks. It is also considered to be one for the principal writers for structured settlement annuities. High value and easy to purchase strategies make up the corporate culture of the company. Business partners and customers not only avail of competitive insurance products but also have the benefit of doing business with a firm that is easy to transact with.

In 1995, the company pioneered the creation of bank-issued single payments for whole life insurance. This conveniently took only 10 minutes to process and became very popular with patrons, even increasing its numbers. Today, it is considered to be one of the top performing firms in bank insurance sales.

The strength rating given by A.M. Best is “A” which is equivalent to excellent. Standard & Poor’s rating was “A-” which is strong. More than 92% of the company’s general account portfolio has been invested in cash, bonds, and other short-term investments. Its focal point is in government bonds which are guaranteed and investment grade. These are securities that have a fixed-income nature. The high quality of investments secures the function of its products and the company’s ability to settle claims in a timely manner. Part of its corporate goals is to maintain a financial position that is strong and stable. Investment strategies have to be conducted in a disciplined manner so that the company is able to deliver its promises to policyholders, their families and claimants.

Liberty Life Assurance Company is dedicated to providing honest and fair business practices to its customers. It has been recognized by the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA). This assures all clients and customers that all transactions are secure and safe.