Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance
175 Berkeley Street, 9th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is a well-known stock insurance company in the United States. Ranging from family to business policy products, Liberty offers Customer Choice Model that will fit for each customer’s continuous changing needs.

Helping people live safer, more secure lives – this is what Liberty has believed for more than 90 years in business. In order to achieve this, integrity is prioritized within the company in which it will aid a person build his/her life. Dignity and respect are another set of values in which the company believes in. Lastly, superb products and policies at a reasonable price should be continuously offered by the company.

It was 1911 when The Massachusetts Legislature passed a law requiring employers to protect their employees with worker’s compensation insurance. In order to aid companies comply to with this law, Liberty Mutual Insurance was established. Since then, the company has continued to grow by offering various insurance products.

With more than 40,000 employees led by chairman, president, and chief executive officer Edmund Kelly, LMI focused on providing excellence and service with values. In line with this, the company has been BBB-accredited since April 1931 and still continues to achieve high rankings, not only with BBB but also with other ranking agencies and corporations.

LMI started as a small insurance firm providing workers’ compensation fees to employers. Today, policies offered include business insurances and personal such as auto, home, and life. What makes it unique are its pre-created plans that fit into its customer’s needs. In addition, in order to make their services available to other parts of the world, Liberty has opened its doors to other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, and Venezuela.

Give Back with Liberty – the Liberty Mutual Foundation is a philanthropic foundation established to support and educate less-fortunate children, strengthen cultural treasures, and to protect and uplift the environment. LMI believes that in order to be a successful foundation, one should be financially stable and willing to provide help for others.