Life Insurance Co. of Boston & New York

Life Insurance Co. of Boston & New York
277 North Avenue
Suite 200
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Fax 781-770-0490

Since 1988, the Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York has continued to maintain their standards of providing high quality insurance services. For over 22 years, they have been committed to provide the highest degree of life insurance services to help meet each of their clients’ unique needs. In all their sales divisions, the Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York has put a premium on innovative benefits and at the same time making sure that their cost objectives are met and fulfilled. This kind of service is something that most individuals and small business employers have been looking for, and being able to find it in the Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York have provided the customer more options to safeguard and protect what matters most to them.

Headed by Paul E. Petry, FSA, CLU as President and Chairman of the Board, they have made sure that all their employees are dedicated to provide personalized customer service to all their clients and policyholders. Their visionary leadership and their consumer oriented initiatives has really helped propel their success in this field. Combine that with their skilled and experienced insurance professionals, the Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York have shown an excellent track record of performance over the past two decades. Despite the credit crunch and financial crisis that the country has experienced for the past couple of years, this company has remained strong and is determined to set themselves apart as a growing industry leader.

From a financial standpoint, the Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York has been duly recognized by financial authorities like A.M. Best and Moody’s. Based in their corporate headquarters in New Rochelle, New York, they have maintained operations with main concentration in the Boston, Massachusetts and New York areas. Their life insurance benefits are based on comprehensive research: they make sure that all benefits and quotes are based on multiple earnings, flat amounts, customers’ occupations and the like. There are also flexible age reductions available, and liberal guarantee issue amounts are also confirmed. Aside from that, there are also multi-year rate guarantees that their customers can avail of. Some of their other true group programs include the following: Supplemental Life/AD and D and Dependent Life, Education Benefit Rider, Accelerated Death Benefit as well as Seat Belt Benefit Rider. Their coverage has the capability to be portable; dependent coverage for children and spouse is also available. If you choose to avail of Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York’s services, you can also enjoy their Simplified Plan as well as several extensive plan design options for bigger organizations and larger groups.

The Life Insurance Company of Boston and New York takes pride in providing comprehensive insurance coverage plans and support for everything that involves life insurance services. All issue, underwriting, collection of premiums, customer services and claim routing functions are covered by this skilled team of professionals, and they aim to fulfill this brand promise even until today.