London Life Insurance

London Life Insurance
255 Dufferin Avenue
London, ON N61 4K1W

Known for its “Freedom 55” slogan, London Life Insurance is a Canadian life insurance firm which believes that every person should be happily retired at the age of 55.

London Life always assesses and understands its client’s needs before going into an insurance plan. Insurance plans ranges from retirement and investment plans that includes segregated fund policies, mutual funds and loans to mortgages. Another product that the company offers is group benefits and group retirement and savings. Lastly, it also offers common insurance products and policies such as home, auto, and umbrella policies for an overall one-stop insurance company.

Founded in 1847, London Life has been providing quality service to over two million Canadians for more than 130 years. This legacy is carried on by its current president and chief executive officer Raymond McFeetors, along with his comrades Denis Devos, William Acton, and Marlene Klassen, to name a few.

Today, London Life is one of Canada’s largest life insurance firms that continues to soar high as manifested by its annual report for last year. It showed an increase in its assets from 2008’s $56,129 million to $64,264 million. In addition, the company’s life insurance sales increased by 11 percent, and a 6 percent increase for the life insurance premium.

London Life believes that its responsibility does not end by providing quality services to its members and clients, but it includes giving back to the community that it serves. The company had established a couple of nonprofit organizations such as Key to Giving, which focuses on the various world problems, like environment and health. In addition, it has also made a partnership with various Canadian organizations to help.

As of 2009, London Life continues to garner awards as well as superb ratings from different ranking organizations and firms such as BBB which gave the company an A+. With this, London Life is undeniably one of the best Canadian life insurance firms.