Manhattan Life Insurance Company

Manhattan Life Insurance Company
2727 Allen Parkway # 500
Houston, TX 77019-2148
(713) 529-0045

If you are still having a hard time finding the right insurance company for you, maybe you have not encountered a company like Manhattan Life yet. Manhattan Life Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manhattan Insurance Group. Central United Life Insurance, Investors Consolidated and Family Life Insurance Company are the three other insurance companies that make up this corporation. Based in Houston, Texas, this company offers a wide range of life and health insurance services through various worksite products and distribution systems. There are also offices in Connecticut and New York.

As much as we would like to predict what can happen to us in the future, we could never tell if we would be struck by an illness, an accident or an emergency. In such cases, we are left without any form of security and our families would sometimes have to cover expensive bills and financial setbacks. Thankfully, a company like Manhattan Life Insurance understands this need.

Manhattan Life Insurance has been existing for over a century. This company is authorized to write life insurance, annuities as well as health and accident insurance coverage plans. They are licensed to operate in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Over 30 percent of their life insurance premiums are still based in New York. As of a decade ago, the total face amount of life insurance was already stated at over $110 million.

With over $275 billion worth of insurance issued and $1.9 billion of life insurance in force, Manhattan Life Insurance Company takes pride in over $345 billion of admitted assets and $31 million total income as of last year. Compared to 25 of the largest insurance companies in North America, Manhattan Life shows favorable figures compared to the aggregate averages of the other large insurance corporations in the country. This speaks highly of the kind of financial performance that this company provides. Innovation and growth are two primary values that this company espouses, and to this day, it continues to define the core of their business.

The Manhattan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) has been proud of their cost effective multi distribution system to the general public and at the same time maintaining their stability. This has earned them a distinction from the highly esteemed Fitch ratings. Just recently, they were able to achieve a BBBq or Good rating based on Fitch Quantitative Insurer Financial Strength (Q-IFS). It can also be attributed to their strong leadership: Daniel J. George serves as President and Treasurer of MLIC since year 2000.

The wide range of insurance products that the Manhattan Life Insurance Company is able to provide confirms their expansion into creating a more distinct global footprint. They have also offered life insurance policies and coverage to regions such as Asia, Central and South America. Steady growth is what MLIC is after, and at the rate they are going, one would expect that they will continue to keep consistent in their shareholder performance and world class customer service.