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Mass Mutual Insurance
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Springfield, MA
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In these times of economic uncertainty, our lives, our family and our business matters most to us. This is why making a good business decision should come first. With a company like Mass Mutual Insurance, you are sure that you are able to make a good and informed choice with this stable company. Mass Mutual is also known as Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company along with its affiliated companies and sales representatives.

Established in 1851, they have survived several changes in market conditions, calamities, disasters and wars. For over 160 years, they have always been consistent in providing their members and policyholders a secure and bright future through their insurance coverage plans and services. Their business revolves around the benefit of the customer, not the stockholders or anything that the other businesses may probably dictate. To be able to stick around despite the changes and events that happened for over 160 years speaks a lot about their leadership and ability to deliver on expectations even with all the threats present. Mass Mutual actually remains as one of the top ten oldest companies in the history of American insurance. Not a lot of companies can be able to maintain the same fervor and spirit in providing what their customers need most.

Mass Mutual is cognizant of the changes going on in the environment today. With the credit crunch looming over every state, they recognize that being able to plan ahead and avoid any financial setbacks are at the top of every individual and family’s priority. Looking at Mass Mutual’s financial performance, it comes as no surprise that they have maintained a solid financial background for the past century.

The ratings always give the customers a clear indicator of the company’s ability to stay true to their commitment to deliver, and Mass Mutual surely does not disappoint. Financial authority A.M. Best ranks Mass Mutual as an A++,a Superior, gaining the top category of 15. Fitch Ratings give them an AA+ or a Very Strong rating; Moody’s Investor Service ranks them an Aa2, which is Excellent, and Standard and Poor’s have also provided a Very Strong rating, second category of 21 with a score of AA+. You will notice that you will not get to find a combination of ratings that would be as high as what Mass Mutual has obtained, and because of this, they know that their tried and tested formula will help fuel the innovative strategies that they have implemented within the company.

And their financial strength had only been the tip of the iceberg. Mass Mutual is ranked on the most coveted Fortune 500 list of companies. At number 93, Mass Mutual bests other companies in total operating revenues and stability. The CustomerSat Achievement in Customer Excellence Award was also given to this company because of the level of service that they have provided to their clients.

With over 5,000 insurance professionals, their national network continues to grow. With a strong and stable foundation, Mass Mutual will continue to be a growing leader in this industry.