Mercury Insurance Company

Mercury Insurance Company
4484 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90010
(323) 937-1060

The Mercury Insurance Company has been serving in the insurance industry for over 48 years and has truly established themselves as a strong automobile and property insurance company. Our homes and our cars are a great deal of value to us, and with the financial crisis and unstable economy, nothing is more important than being able to secure our properties and the things that matter most to us.

Since George Joseph formed this company in 1962, they have always tried to set themselves apart from the rest. Having the lowest rates, the best coverage plans and engaged professionals who are determined to give you everything you need, it does not come as a surprise that Mercury Insurance has been a top choice for consumers across the country. Customer satisfaction is at the top of their priorities, and this goes beyond just being able to assist you in your needs. Their pool of top insurance professionals do not only provide insurance services to you, they partner well with their customers in order for them to understand what the consumer really needs. This kind of personalized and customized service has been modeled all over the region. As a consumer, the Mercury Insurance Company understands that it is never easy to fall under any form of debt or financial setback. These agents will not only offer you what you can gain, they will also help you understand how you can prevent problems from arising due to wrong recommendations from other insurance agencies.

The company has spent the past few decades specializing in car and commercial auto insurance, home, condo and renters’ insurance, umbrella, mechanical breakdown protection, commercial business insurance and providing insurance tips to individuals and small businesses. With their headquarters located in Los Angeles, they have built their presence in the California area with over 8 different centers in the state. They also have offerings in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. With over 5,100 employees across the United States, one should easily be able to find a dedicated agent that will be able to provide personalized service and the lowest quotes.

Their financial performance can also speak for itself; they have boasted of a $3.1 billion revenue and $4 billion in assets over the past years. Gabe Tirador continues to serve and hold office as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Offering a low cost alternative to automobile insurance continues to be their goal, and this has helped make Mercury Insurance the third largest private passenger automobile insurance company. Mechanical breakdown insurance and homeowners insurance are also specialized in select areas, and this has fueled the company to become one of the fastest growing auto insurance providers in the US.

Comprehensive insurance coverage with affordable costs can be quite difficult to find, but Mercury Insurance Company has made it possible. Their continuous focus on the customer’s needs is something that has helped make them successful over the last few years. Working with independent and highly skilled professionals, coupled with the most efficient claims and cost control mechanisms has given them a mark in the automobile insurance industry.