Metropolitan Co. Insurance Company

Metropolitan Co. Insurance Company
1095 Avenue of the Americas
Manhattan, New York
Telephone: (212) 578-2211
Toll Free: 800-638-5433

The cartoon character Snoopy was not only known for their popular television series or comic books. For the longest time, Snoopy along with the Peanuts Gang has become the longest running mascot for a company like MetLife. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or more popularly known as MetLife is one of the leading insurance providers in the country. Founded in 1868 by a team of businessmen from New York, one of their initial missions was to provide protection to Civil War veterans against disabilities and sickness acquired during wartime. Because of their strong desire to be able to help others, their initial mission became a full grown corporation. Their business acumen coupled with their focus on world class customer service has been greatly evident. After a couple of years, MetLife has concentrated on providing life insurance to millions of people all over the world.

Because they were well received in New York City, the owners chose the name Metropolitan to symbolize the success in the metropolitan area. By the 1900s, they already held the top spot for being the company with the most number of life insurance agents. A decade later, this statement still holds true as they continue to be the largest insurance provider in North America. With the number of insurance companies in the country, being called the biggest and the largest in the US is not an easy distinction to receive. It took MetLife a lot of hard work, determination, talent and passion to grow to how they have successfully grown today, and that speaks a lot about the kind of leadership and support that they were able to instill in their employees.

Financial and insurance products are what makes MetLife the insurance company of choice. Aside from annuities, they also provide portfolio management, estate planning and mutual funds. One would easily remember the MetLife mascot, being famous cartoon character Snoopy along with other characters from the Peanuts gang. MetLife has agreed to use them up until 2012. They also believe that they have been great symbols to signify their corporate values and help protect their customers from financial setbacks.

The financial performance of MetLife has been impressive over the past few decades. With over $3 trillion in assets, millions of individual customers have enjoyed the benefits of their life insurance products. This has also gained nods of approval from financial sectors and independent rating agencies everywhere. They were rated an A+ by financial authority A.M. Best, an AA- by Standard and Poor’s, an AA from Fitch and Aa2 from Moody’s. Because of this, they have also started to expand their global footprint by providing services to Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe.

Today, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or MetLife continues to offer life insurance, auto and home insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning, wealth management and group dental insurance. With the success that they have enjoyed for more than a decade, their customer-focused vision continues to uphold the trust from millions of consumers across the globe.