Mid-West National Insurance Company

Mid-West National Insurance Company
9151 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
TX Tel. 817-255-3100
Toll Free 800-733-1110
Fax 888-377-4391

We all want to find the right insurance company that can give us everything we need. In the industry today, we would find that although there are various options for us to choose from, we still find a hard time looking for the company that can truly understand our unique needs and at the same time being able to provide competitive rates and world class customer service. Thankfully, such companies still exist if we are able to do our research and look closer. The Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee is one of these companies. They are committed to provide comprehensive and detailed insurance coverage plans to their customers, as they have continued to do so over the past two decades. Ranging from individuals, small to medium sized business owners and self-employed consumers, they have dedicated their efforts to provide personalized customer service and help each of their clients enjoy the benefits and advantages of life insurance that they deserve. They have recognized that life insurance is probably one of the most important plans that a family can have. No one can ever anticipate what can happen in the future, and a company like this really helps protect our loved ones.

Since 1985, Mid-West National has continued to give insurance coverage options through their parent company. Healthmarkets was able to grow through acquisition, and in 2006, the combination of huge companies such as Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners and the Blackstone Group helped Mid-West National Insurance Company become what it is today.

Mid-West National has specialized in health and supplemental insurance plans for almost 30 years. Being part of the HealthMarkets Companies has also helped them provide personalized customer service; their team of experienced professionals are trained to respond to a client’s unique needs. You would not expect getting a one size fits all coverage plan with Mid-West National. You have the capability to carefully select the kind of insurance coverage that will be tailor-fit to what your necessities are, and will help you protect what you need. With this, you do not have to worry about paying for something that will not benefit you or your business. The Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee takes pride in providing each customer with options. These options are necessary for them to understand their choices and avoid making the wrong decisions in the long run.

Headed by Executive Vice President Nancy G. Cocozza, the Mid-West National Insurance Company holds office in their corporate headquarters in North Richland Hills, Texas. Independent agents are spread across different sales offices around the country with exceptions in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. They are able to provide you traditional, PPO and high deductible health plans. Aside from that, these plans also include supplemental vision, dental, accident and disability coverage plans. With over $460 million in sales for the past year, they are determined to continue to provide comprehensive information and relevant insurance advice to every customer that they serve.