Midwest Mutual Insurance Company

Midwest Mutual Insurance Company
1111 Ashworth Road
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

An insurance company isn’t too difficult to find, but trying to find the right insurance company would probably need a little more work. Although there are several kinds of insurance coverage plans in the market today, not everyone would have the same set of needs, wants and budgets. One would be stressing over different aspects of their business and their lives, and this is why a specialized company like the Midwest Mutual Insurance Company is such a welcome change. It is extremely important for one to not have a one size fits all type of policy. Midwest Mutual acknowledges this, and with their strong background and premium on integrity, they have been able to fuel their success for the past six decades.

Midwest Mutual Insurance Company has been a leader in niche market insurance, personal property and casualty insurance for the past 62 years. As a subsidiary of the Preferred Risk Group, they have been one of the biggest church insurance leaders to date. With their humble beginnings in July of 1948, Midwest Mutual was first licensed in Colorado and has enjoyed sustainable growth since then. As a property and casualty insurance company, they have served and operated in all 50 states in the country. They carry an excellent A rating from financial analyst A.M. Best.

One of the most notable achievements for Midwest Mutual would be providing policyholders protection and coverage for their motorcycles. Approximately 36 percent of their shares belong to motorcycle owners. Recreational vehicles, boats as well as mobile homes were included in the 1970s; by the late 90s, the offerings for private passenger auto coverage comprises almost 59 percent of all their company market shares.

What gained a lot of popularity out of their various coverage plans would be the non-standard automobile policy called the Broad Spectrum Auto program. Eventually, they also included homeowners insurance as well as the Select Auto Program for its standard automobile coverage.

Being under the strong wing of a parent company like Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance, Midwest Mutual operates through independent agents across the country. Aside from its private passenger auto programs, they are also active in serving insurance plans for homeowners, watercrafts and mobile homes. A team of skilled and experienced professionals would also deal with dwelling, fire and recreational vehicles.

The growth of Midwest Mutual Insurance Company has been stable and steady despite the changes in the economy. Over $2 billion worth of insurance were written over the past years, and they have reported as much as $234 million in premiums in Colorado. They have also represented a .84 percent market share and continues to grow until today. This is something that cannot be said for all insurance companies.

Based in West Des Moines, Iowa but licensed in Colorado, majority of Midwest Mutual’s operations are concentrated in Englewood and Denver. However, given their strong presence in almost all states, it is not surprising how they are able to continue their success in providing car and property owners the protection and safety that they need.