Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company

Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company
3033 Campus Drive
Plymouth, MN 55441-2651
(763) 951-7000

To say that a company has been existing for over a decade is already a legacy in itself. But an insurance company to survive for over a century? That is nothing short of remarkable. With a legacy spanning over 110 years, Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company has been an active insurance provider in over seven Midwestern states. Based in their corporate headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, they also maintain operations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. The current executive leadership team led by President Ron Boyd plans to grow its operations and branch out to states such as Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Kansas. With their strong commitment to excellence, drive for passion and a sincere desire to help fulfill what their customer needs the most, it comes as no surprise that the Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company continues to grow and lead as one of the best and biggest insurance providers in the country today.

The Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1891 and was initially built for farmers in Minnesota. Their initial offerings included writing crop and hail insurance, and a decade after, it expanded to protection from farm windstorms. They have always taken pride in thinking of new ways to help the average consumer and this is why they have continued to develop and expand their lines of business. Eventually, fire and marine lines were included as well as automobile and dwelling insurance coverage plans. In 1983, what used to be named as Minnesota Farmers Mutual insurance Company was now changed to the Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company. What used to be a company that would only cater specifically to farmers has now become a household name in the world of insurance.

Currently being served by over 500 independent insurance agents across the various states, the insurance needs of Midwestern citizens have been met for more than a century, and continues until today. They have also launched several commercial lines insurance plans over the past few years. While several companies have been worrying about the effects of recession, Midwest remains to be unfazed. Despite the financial instability that the country has experienced, the Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company continues to receive an Excellent rating. With an A rating from analyst authority A.M. Best, this distinction would serve as testament to their strong financial performance and liquidity.

Aside from all these accolades, Midwest Family Mutual Company also continues to be a “Green” company. They have reduced the consumption of electricity by over 155,000 kwh and paper usage decreased by over 65 percent.

Stability and paying ability were not the only reasons for Midwest Family Mutual’s success. Because they have put a premium on customer satisfaction, their own surveys reflect a 96+ percent satisfaction rate. This may also be attributed to the emphasis made on independent agents to create value in providing service and insurance protection. They continue to be consistent in providing fast and easy insurance plans; any feedback or response to a query has a 24 hour turnaround time, and service is also accessible seven days a week.