Millers Mutual Insurance Company

Millers Mutual Insurance Company
805 N. Front Street
P.O. Box 1246
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1246

The Millers Mutual Insurance Company has been existent for over 120 years, but the goals of this company have not changed since they first started in 1890. Millers Mutual aimed to provide a venue that allows strong business relationships and world class customer service. To be able to find a company that has survived over a century of disasters, wars, depression and other political and societal issues only proves to show that their strong leadership and passion for excellence helps them be ahead of the others. Headed by Robert Lyons, Chairman, President and CEO, Millers Mutual has upheld their 120-year old legacy by being one of the top commercial package insurance companies in the country.

Millers Mutual has provided services for business owners, commercial properties, commercial liabilities, commercial autos, inland marine, crime and commercial umbrella. They also provide risk management services, signifying their place in the region as one of the top commercial package insurers. Being able to provide various options to their consumers is of due importance, and this is why they really put a premium on making sure that their professionals have the right amount of insurance expertise.

The Millers Mutual Insurance Company believes that world class customer service is the rule and not the exception. Their team of friendly and skilled working professionals can guarantee that they provide service that is fast, accurate and catered towards their customers and policy holders’ needs. Underwriting excellence is an expectation at Millers Mutual, and their sound insurance and financial advice continues to be shared with policyholders across the country. They continue to direct insurance services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and D.C, but because of their unrivaled performance, there is so much potential for them to expand across the globe.

It comes as no surprise then that the financial strength of Millers Mutual is nothing short of outstanding. Rated an A- rating by financial analyst company AM Best, they continue to be in the Excellent ranks for the past several years. Despite the ongoing changes in the economy and the continuous crisis, their financial performance remains to be strong with over $118 million in assets as of last year.

Being a strong commercial insurance provider is just one of the many goals of the Millers Mutual Insurance Company. They want to become more than just a simple carrier; their goal to be a true partner by enhancing professional relationships and developing customized personal service is at the top of their priorities. They continue to put a premium on product knowledge and excellence, and with their success comes their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Over the past several years, they have extended their support to Bowl for Kids Sake with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, as well as active participation in the United Way Day of Caring, where several employees are sent over to render service work.

Doing business with a company like Millers Mutual becomes more than just a impersonal and simple transaction. You can be sure that their aim is to be a trusted partner and build a long lasting relationship.