Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company

Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company
1460 Wells Street
Enumclaw WA 98022
(800) 366-5551
(360) 825-6885

The Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Enumclaw Insurance Group with headquarters in Enumclaw, Washington. Mutual of Enumclaw is licensed to do business in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah.

Founded in 1898 under the name Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company, the company began operations by providing property insurance to farm and village buildings. For the next 50 years, the company expanded by adding fire, lightning insurance, casualty and commercial insurance. It changed its name to Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company on May 1966, and over the years has spread out operations in Oregon, Idaho and Utah. On December 2002, Enumclaw Property and Casualty Insurance Company was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mutual of Enumclaw. The new company was set up to assist personal and commercial insurance marketing opportunities. Mutual of Enumclaw has written premiums summing up to more than $315 million as of December 31, 2009.

Mutual of Enumclaw provides quality family, business, and farm insurance products through independent agencies. Its family products include auto insurance, home insurance, boat insurance and excess liability. Business products comprise commercial insurance, business owners and church insurance. The company’s farm insurance policy includes farm, farm auto, and umbrella, providing protection for ranching and agricultural farming activities, homes and other farm buildings, farm equipments and machineries, as well as livestock.

The company’s auto insurance supplies coverage for automobiles, campers or trailers, motor homes and motorcycles, with coverage including bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury, uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury, uninsured or underinsured motorist property damage, collision, comprehensive and electronic equipment.

Clients’ homes are definitely secured with Mutual of Enumclaw’s homeowner policy, providing protection for homes including any joined structure, garage or shops not joined to a house and not utilized for business, condominiums, and apartment contents or items in other rented residential buildings. The coverage for home policy has a wide range of services which include increased cost of construction due to local ordinance requirements, replacement cost for contents, loss of use of the home, personal liability and medical payments to others.

Those who own leisure boats can avail of the company’s boat owner policy, whether the boats are on the water, on the road or while in storage. All of the boats can be insured under one policy, including the motor, trailer, and equipments. There are available discounts up to 25% for safe boating courses and for boats with navigation and safety devices. There is also an adjustment at replacement costs for most partial losses, with no deduction for depreciation. Coverage includes physical damage, personal liability, medical payments, and towing and labor costs.

Another family product offered by Mutual of Enumclaw is excess liability. It offers a personal excess liability coverage program which protects your assets including your future earnings. Limits begin at $1 million with higher limits available. In addition, cost for the first $1,000,000 of coverage is somewhat more than $10 per month.

The company’s commercial lines and insurance products are supplied by independent agents who also act as insurance consultants for the clients’ businesses. General commercial lines include business property and income, business liability, commercial auto, among others. Business owner policy gives protection for entitled offices, apartments or condominiums, retails, and wholesale or service establishments. In addition, their church policy offers security to church buildings and auxiliary buildings, including equipments and supplies.

This 573-strong company is headed by Eric Nelson as President and Chief Executive Officer, Bradley Gipson as Vice President and Treasurer, Frederick Schunter as Secretary and Bernadene Dochnahl as Chair. Its board of trustees consists of Gerard Schmidt, Bernadene Dochnahl, Andrew Fujimoto, Jane Repensek, Gerald Schmidt, Thomas Garland, Frederick Schunter, Robert Guile, David Waldo and Don Powell.