National Farmers Union Insurance Company

National Farmers Union Insurance Company
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Greenwood Village, CO

An insurance company with a heart. That’s how one can describe the establishment and way of service of National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Insurance Company.

This organization it was founded based on rural values. It started out as the National Farmers Union Security Association, which is a life insurance company. The main goal is to provide financial security for the family farmers of the nation, the hard workers who also earning income to provide for the National Farmers Union.

On the other hand, National Farmers Union is an organization established to promote the common good and protect the interest of family farmers. Over the years, the National Farmers Union Security Association became successful, and it was later on joined by a property and casualty company. Together, in 1945, it formed the National Farmers Union Automobile and Casualty Company.

In 1950, both the life, property and casualty insurance companies changed their names. Respectively, they became known as the National Farmers Union Life Insurance Company, and National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Company. In this same year, they were joined by the National Farmers Union Standard Insurance Company, that provides non-preferred automobile insurance coverages.

Commonly known as the Farmers Union Insurance, this company aims to provide excellent security as well as protection to its policyholders (who are mostly based in rural America), and at the same time, be able to aid the National Farmers Union’s family farm advocacy.

In the year 2005, the company became a part of the QBE Insurance Group, which belongs to the top 25 insurers in the whole world. Farmers Union Insurance focuses on automobiles, small commercial, and insurance, both for farm owners and home owners, especially those residing in the Rocky Mountain and Midwestern states.

Farmers Union has general agencies which are in charge of the other agencies in eight of the states. The agents found in the states where there are general agencies are termed as “exclusive”. By this, it means that they focus on directly representing the insurance company. Having an exclusive agent for Farmers Union Insurance has been somewhat a tradition. A lot of agents follow the footsteps of their parents who were agents back then. As such, the average years spent by an individual as an agent is ten years, and this displays their loyalty to the insurance company and reflect their knowledge about the work process as well as their dedication to the community where they belong.

Also, Farmers Union Insurance is a leading insurance provider for rural telecommunications. These policies can be found in more than thirty states by big, exclusive agents or account executives who have in-depth knowledge as well as understanding of their market.

It can be said that the company was founded with rural values in mind. It gives emphasis on what’s important for its clients and their way of life. Farmers Union Insurance Company was established on relationships with the communities. employees, agents, and the clients. Many of these relationship stem through generations, and their pledge to serve is an assurance that the company will always be there in times of need.