National Health Insurance Company

National Health Insurance Company
1901 North State Highway 360
Grand Prairie Texas, 75050
(817) 640-1900

Health is wealth–an old saying but a proven truth. Being able to take care of one’s health goes a long way. Good health allows one to spend more time with loved ones, help do one’s work efficiently, and live a peaceful and healthy life.

To achieve this, resources are necessary. There are medical establishments and professionals that help one to achieve good health. But for one to be able to enjoy this, finances are also necessary. This is where insurance companies come in, especially those that help in providing resources to improve health.

National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) is one that helps protect individuals or groups of people from their health care costs, including hospital charges or doctor bills, or to make periodic payments for a patient or individual who meets its definition for disability.

This insurance company was established in 1923, under their first name, which was the William Harvey Life Insurance Company. In the year 1965, it incorporated as Trinity National Life and Accident Insurance Company. The year after, the company included health insurance in its services.

In 1975, Trinity National Life and Accident Insurance Company started the 100% catastrophic insurance plan, having high deductibles for those who are self-employed as well as for small businesses. This kind of policy still continues to this day.

It was in 1978 that the company changed its name to National Health Insurance Company, where in the Texas state, it filed as a legal reserve company.

To date, NHIC is licensed in 48 states in America, as well as in the Columbia District. A.M. Best, a group which provides full-service credit rating to those involved in the financial services industries has rated NHIC with B++, which means that it has a good ability to meet their ongoing obligations for insurance. A.M. Best was established in 1899. Depositers and policyholders refer to its analysis and rating as one way of assessing an industry’s financial strength and credit worthiness.

The National Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Southwest Insurance Partners (SWIP) Inc., which is a holding company for insurance that is based in Houston, Texas. This was established in 2007 to make investments and acquisitions in the industry of providing insurance policies for people to avail in times of need. Present estimates show that SWIP has yearly revenue of $670,000. These figures continue to improve as more clients have put their trust in the company.

It is part of NHIC’s mission to help those in need, by providing the necessary financial resources to avail medical needs. With their help, and their ability to protect the finances of its policyholders, they are deemed as efficient and reliable. Their support is significant for its society to achieve its medical needs.

On the part of clients, insurance companies that focus on health prove to be beneficial. It enables them to save up for the things that are deemed important, and worry less about how to deal, should there be future health situations. With available health insurances, such as that of NHIC, individuals and people are confident that they have something where they can obtain their much needed finances.