Northe Pointe Insurance Company

Northe Pointe Insurance Company
One General Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53596

Granting policies for your specialized needs. Moving away from what most insurance companies offer, Northe Pointe Insurance Company believes that other things need to be insured too. These types of insurance include those for liquor, restaurants, roller skating centers, and workers’ compensations.

Since its establishment in 1987 in Michigan, the company has since then dedicated to provide excellent insurance coverage to its clients. Northe Pointe has made sure that it was the leader in writing or providing policies for liquor liability, particularly in Michigan where it is offered. Although other companies have failed to continue providing for these services, the company was able to maintain and serve its clients in a long time through its appropriate techniques for underwriting,

Northe Pointe’s balanced yet aggressive handling of claims has become its trademark. With its vision and years of experience, it is able to meet the needs of various establishments, such as restaurants, bowling centers, convenience stores, special events, as well as specific groups or organizations. Aside from that, because of its excellent performance in the financial industry, it received the endorsement of the Associated Food Dealers of Michigan.

Northe Pointe includes policies for restaurants,. For eligible accounts, it provides maximum flexibility in coverage options. In Florida, insurance coverage is available in options such as monoline commercial general liability or a policy that is a commercial package and thus offers optional coverage like property or liability.

The company also offers an insurance program, a comprehensive one with coverage fit for the unique and creative operations of roller skating centers. Part of their goal is to become the leading provider of property/casualty coverage in the industry of roller skating.

In terms of compensation for workers, Northe Pointe also provides insurance policies for these laborers. In Michigan, the Northe Pointe Workers’ Compensation program can be found and they have been currently accepting and processing applications.

The company prioritizes on small to medium businesses, which have premiums less than $50,000. What contributes to the further development of Northe Pointe’s programs is the hands-on or direct approach in management, claims, and underwriting. Aside from that, it uses an approach that is an aggressive and thus able to defend against empty or trivial claims.

Northe Pointe is deeply rooted in service. Professionally, Northe Pointe serves centers, regardless of its size or membership. It maintains strong relationships with industries and regularly visible in events which are industry-related in many states.

A.M Best has given the company a rating of A- for its excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations with their clients. This reflects its stability and reliable operating performance and financial strength.

Northe Pointe Insurance Company is also a part of the QBE Insurance Group, which is one of the top 25 insurance companies and known worldwide.

Although providing insurance is based on promise, there is a need to keep that promise and truly provide the service and meet obligations with clients who trustingly invested their resources to protect their other properties. The insurer and its clients should build a relationship that is based on trust and satisfaction.