Phoenix Insurance Company

Phoenix Insurance Company
One American Row
PO Box 5056
Hartford, CT 06102-5056

If you want to experience diversity and fulfill all your unique insurance needs, then Phoenix Life Insurance may just be the company you are looking for. A company that has been serving the people since the 1850s, Phoenix Life Insurance has a reputation to living up to its promise in providing excellent service, from the protection of its clients and their families, to assisting them in ensuring that their future and retirement years are financially secure.

Phoenix is registered and publicly trades under PNX at the New York Stock Exchange Market. The company headquarters is located in Hartford, CT with the customer service base in East Greenbush, New York. The company is currently supported by about 725 efficient and dedicated employees.

Phoenix Life Insurance measures its business based on the following four parameters – capital, mortality, persistency and liquidity. The company prides itself on providing its customers with their expected financial stability and value preservation. The company believes in balancing the capital with investments that it makes, and this is the reason why policyholders can be assured of long term financial security.

From the financial details of the company on the third quarter of 2010, the total statutory assets of the company are at $14.5 billion, while total reserves and liabilities is at $13.8 billion. The pool of investments has generated a net gain of $ 461 million dollars in the third quarter up by about $786 million from 2009 year end figure.

The company Board of Directors is headed by President and CEO James D. Wehr. He is supported by Peter Hoffman (CFO), Philip Polkinghorn (Senior EVP-Business Development), Edward Cassidy, John LaGrasse, Bonnie Malley and Christopher Wilkos.

Phoenix Life focuses on products that are designed to help the policy owners achieve long term security and financial stability. Its range of products is divided into the following main categories: Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement savings and plans.

Phoenix Life Insurance prides itself on offering quick and efficient financial solutions that are able to help the costumers achieve the results that they wish in the easiest and most convenient way possible. The company’s underwriting process is simple and can quickly come up with the answers to questions that are posed by the customers’ families and businesses.

The company’s portfolio of life insurance products includes the following: Single Life, Survivorship, and Joint life products. These insurance offerings intensive policies that require medical tests for the policy applicants.

One thing in common present in their policies is the opportunity that they afford the policyholders to either accumulate cash, and/or the provision for a death benefit that the family of the policy can receive upon death of the policyholder.

Products are also provided to answer the need of retirees who are interested to have a financial means of support during their retirement years. The solutions offered by the company are simple and efficient, and this is one reason for the company’s financial and business strength – policy owners can get clear and transparent information on the policies that they own without going through a complex and complicated process or discussion with the financial advisor authorized by Phoenix Life.

Simplicity and efficiency – these are just two reasons for you to choose Phoenix Life Insurance if you are thinking of safeguarding your financial future, and that of your family.