Pioneer Life Insurance Company

Pioneer Life Insurance Company
11815 North Pennsylvania Street
Carmel IN 46032

Incorporated by Daniel Murphy, David Herzog, Elizabeth Georgakopoulos, Richard Dykhouse, and William Devanney, Pioneer Life Insurance Company is located at 11815 North Pennsylvania Street, Carmel, Indiana. The license of Pioneer Life is by now not active, since it already operates under the name of Washington National Insurance Company. Pioneer Life merged with Washington National on July 1, 2003. A subsidiary of Conseco Life Insurance Company, Pioneer Life, now Washington National, is classified under direct life insurance carriers, direct health and medical insurance carriers, direct property and casualty insurance carriers, and administrative management and general management consulting services. The company’s estimated number of employees is 517. It is licensed to write accident, health, life insurance and variable annuities.

Washington National, Pioneer Life’s current name, has helped Americans since 1923 to protect themselves and their families from the financial hardship that often comes with critical illness, accidents or loss of life. It has been providing quality insurance products for 87 years.

The company’s products include health insurance, life insurance, and annuities. Supplemental health insurance aids in paying for the costs related with the care and treatment of a disability, injury or critical illness. The company’s health insurance products consist of accidental injury insurance which provides benefits if insured is injured or dies from an accident; cancer insurance which assists in paying costs related to cancer treatment and recovery; critical illness insurance which offers lump-sum benefits upon the diagnosis of a critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure; heart/stroke insurance which pays indemnity benefits for a range of treatments, services and expenses in the event of a heart attack or stroke; hospital insurance which helps pay costs associated with hospital care, including emergency room visits; and Medicare supplement which protects against the expenses not paid by Medicare.

Its life insurance products helps secure clients’ finances, and ensure their loved ones are taken care of in case of unforeseen events. Products include Indexed UL insurance providing permanent coverage with a cash value tied to the markets, term life insurance offering tax-free death benefits and convertible to permanent coverage, whole life insurance providing permanent coverage that builds cash value with guaranteed premiums, and universal life insurance supplying permanent coverage that’s flexible to meet clients’ needs and builds cash value.

Annuities are also offered by the company. Annuities build up funds for retirement on a tax-deferred basis, and guarantee income for life. There are fixed annuity options including a flexible-premium annuity with four index options, three crediting methods and a first-year premium bonus. Furthermore, there are indexed annuity options which also include a flexible-premium, indexed annuity with three crediting options, plus access to earnings without a surrender charge.

Washington National, the present name of Pioneer Mutual, has total assets of $1,926,723,346, capital of $25,036,850, net surplus of $375,093,195 and net $2,727,583,000 as of December 31, 2009. As of the same year, the company’s life annuities and premiums amounts to $10,623,754, while its accident and health premiums is $5,458,882, with a total national premium of $201,601,580.

The company’s President is Steven Michael Stecher, while Karl William Kindig serves as the Secretary and Todd Michael Hacker as the Treasurer.