Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company
1510 N. Elms Rd. Flint, MI 48532
(810) 733-2300
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Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company is an insurance provider specializing in property and casualty insurance for individuals and businesses. The company distributes its products and services through its independent insurance agency system. Presently, Pioneer State Mutual writes only in the state of Michigan.

Pioneer State Mutual has been loyally serving thousands of policyholders in Michigan since 1908. Along with its network of independent insurance agents, the company provides superior service possible for its policyholders. It upholds a fulfilled, greatly motivated work force, and a solid financial base. Pioneer State Mutual has earned an excellent reputation for providing its clients with the best insurance protection throughout the years.

George Whitaker, along with six other prominent people in Michigan, formed The Farmers’ Mutual Lightning Protected Insurance Company of Michigan Limited in 1908. Over the years, the company has been known by many names such as State Mutual Rodded Fire Insurance Company of Michigan. This name was popularly called The Rodded Company and The Flint Company. It later changed to the State Mutual Insurance Company of Michigan. In 1967, after the merger of State Mutual and Pioneer Mutual, the company’s present name, Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company, emerged. Holley Fisk, Clarence Swanebeck, Alex Little, Samuel Miller, Dale Little, and Kurt Foley are the six most prominent leaders of Pioneer State Mutual since its foundation.

A wide range of insurance options is offered by the company, including auto, homeowners, farm owners, mobile homeowners, business owners, and workers compensation policies. These products are especially designed to meet the specific needs of Pioneer State Mutual’s clients.

The company’s auto insurance includes personal automobile and motor homes, with discounts offered for multiple cars, safe drivers, multiple policies, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, and air bags. Optional coverage includes towing, road services and rental car. For its homeowners insurance, policies include homeowners, renters (contents), mobile homes, condominiums, and rental dwellings. The company offers discounts for mature homeowners, those who own multiple policies, individuals with new homes less than 20 years and homes with protection devices. Its optional coverage consists of jewelry, boats, snowmobiles, collectibles, personal umbrella, and home based business.

Farm owners insurance and country estate (hobby farmer) insurance is offered by Pioneer State Mutual’s farm insurance. Discounts are given for owners of multiple policies, mature farm owners, and owners with new homes less than 10 years. Farm umbrella, replacement cost for farm buildings, loss of income, and home based business are offered as optional farm insurance coverage. Pioneer State Mutual provides business insurance products including business owner policy, workers compensation, and business automobile Optional coverage on these three lines of business can be tailored to a policyholder’s needs.

As of December 31, 2009, Pioneer State Mutual has total assets of $324,469,813. The company’s amortized U.S. government and agency bonds assets equals to $90,653,267, while amortized value of corporate bonds is $65,386,571. Its amortized value of municipal bonds is $45,307,222 and market value of stocks is $76,732,375. The company’s cash in banks amounts to $16,738,204. Its premiums receivable is $ 18,380,510, while accrued interest and other assets equals to $6,056,924.