Pyramid Life Insurance Company

Pyramid Life Insurance Company
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Established in 1913, Pyramid Life Insurance Company first provided Medicare supplemental insurance in 1966, Medicare’s inaugural year. Pyramid Life insurance products are designed to serve the financial and health needs of America’s seniors. Its career sales force is made up of agents dedicated to Pyramid Life, its products and to the seniors they serve. Pyramid Life Centers are located throughout the United States, committed to providing seniors and their families with counsel, services and innovative products.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal American, the company has over $120 million in total premiums. It has what they call a fast policy issue where most policies are issued within 48 hours of the receipt of application. With regard to claims turnaround, its Medicare Supplement virtually has no claim forms to complete. The company has a committed policy owner support system and is prompt to adopt leading technologies and practices to guarantee the best products and services possible for its clients.

Pyramid Life and its affiliate companies offer a range of products and services for today’s seniors through its insurance representatives. This includes life and supplemental health insurance and asset accumulation products. Medicare Supplement and Medicare Select Insurance are provided to cover expenses not paid by Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are intended to provide more benefits than traditional Medicare, including preventive care. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans presents the opportunity of reducing drug expenses by covering generic and brand name medications. In addition, the company’s Senior Dental Insurance provides dental savings to seniors. Long Term Care Insurance consists of policies which may cover all levels of nursing home care and home health care. Hospital Indemnity Insurance, on the other hand, is designed to help cover the rising cost of hospital confinement.

The company’s life insurance protects the financial legacies of seniors. Pyramid’s Senior Life which is a whole life insurance policy was developed to pay for final expenses, care for surviving spouse, mortgages and financial obligations or for charitable contributions upon the insured’s passing. This policy is issued to those aged 40 – 85, providing death benefits (from $2,500 to $50,000 depending on underwriting status), immediate full death benefit and level premiums, with accumulating cash value that can be accessed through policy loan or cash surrender.

The company’s Simplified Life is a graded death benefit whole life insurance policy is issued to those aged 50 – 80, providing death benefits from $2,500 to $25,000, level premiums guaranteed never to increase and a full death benefit payable after two policy years. It also includes accumulating cash value that can be accessed through policy loan or cash surrender. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. As whole life policies, Senior and Simplified policies stay in force until age 100, at which age a living benefit equal to the face amount of the policy will be paid to the insured.

The Cancer Insurance, a specified disease policy limited to cancer coverage, is created to meet the exact financial needs of those in battle with the disease. Pyramid’s Cancer Ultimate offers a broad set of benefits for cancer coverage. This policy offers a choice of benefit levels for hospital confinement and in-hospital nursing care, that are paid to the client in addition to benefits provided by any other insurance policie(s) in place. Its First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance, a supplemental, specified disease policy limited to cancer coverage, immediately pays the benefits to a client directly if the client is diagnosed for the first time, as having internal cancer or malignant melanoma (excluding all other skin cancer), with a $15,000 or $25,000 level benefit option.