Standard Security Life Insurance Company

Standard Security Life Insurance Company
485 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-5872
Telephone: (212) 355-4141
Fax number: (212) 754-3346

We often think of insurance as security for our family and company’s future, but have we really ever thought about the present? This is the primary argument that gave birth to several life insurance services that are being offered by so many insurance providers in the market today.

When you are in the life insurance business, then one company that will never fail to get your attention is Standard Security Life insurance company. Owned by Independence Holding Company (IHC) with its main focus on providing life insurance policies, Standard Security belongs to the list of companies that has helped amass the IHC Group’s assets of around $1 billion while the equity for stockholders is about $189 million.

Other companies that are affiliated to Standard Security Life Insurance Company include the following: Independence Holding Company, Madison National Life Insurance Company, Health Plan Administrators Incorporated, American Independence Company, Group Link Incorporated, IHC Health Solutions, Insurance Administrative Corporation and Majestic Underwriters, LLC.

Standard Security was founded at New York City in 1958, and it serves about fifty states as well as the District of Columbia and even the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico – all US territories. Together with its affiliate companies and umbrella corporation – IHC, Standard Security provides service to more than 1 million customers nationwide.

The company’s financial stability and strength is shown by A.M. Best Company’s rating of A- for excellent. This financial rating indicates the security that the company can give to its policy owners especially when it comes to provision of the insured’s policy benefits.

A unique detail that must not be overlooked when considering Standard Security is the type of insurance products that it carries. Basically, Standard Security Life Insurance Company is a short-term insurance product carrier. This means that the range of products that the company offers is time bound and valid for specified lengths of time.

There are several products that are provided by Standard Security Life Insurance Company. Among its offerings are:

1. Medical stop loss services for employers
2. Plans for Major Medical services for groups (applicable to 2 to 50 people per group)
3. Provision of time-limited disability product for employers in New York city
4. Time-limited medical plans
5. Reinsurance and coverage for excessive loss that are not covered by primary HMO
6. Group insurance (life) and other service programs for the benefit of volunteer groups and personnel

These products help ensure the security of the plan holders, including those people who risk their lives daily as part of providing service to the nation such as fire fighters and other volunteers.

At the same time, additional coverage offered by reinsurance provides double assurance to customers that whatever strikes, medical assistance and other benefits will be provided to them and their families as well.

Standard Security Life Insurance Plans are administered through IAC (see IAC website for more details: which is one of the main administrators in the nation. The company is also one of the largest PPO in the United States today.

If you are looking to secure your today and tomorrow, why not try doing it the Standard way? Investment opportunities and additional chances to grow your profits and personal are at hand, reach out and make the necessary change now.