Sun Life Insurance

Sun Life Insurance
150 King Street West
Toronto, ON Canada
M5h 1J9
(416) 979-9966

Sun Life Insurance Company is a leading and excellent provider of property and accumulation of wealth services as well as products to customers, both individual and corporate. Its offices can be found in 24 countries, and thus serves various customers around the world. This insurance company help people and corporate businesses fulfill their needs, and with the insurance policies it offers, be able to give them financial peace of mind.

Existing for over 140 years, Sun Life Insurance company continues to serve its clients well. As part of its mission and vision, it aims to comfortably serve its clients and help them achieve that financial peace of mind. This is in line with their goal to become a leading financial service company in providing protection as well as management of wealth.

Since Sun Life is a company that values integrity, it commits to the highest norms of ethics in business and good governance. It also takes engagement seriously, and values a diverse and talented workforce. Sun Life is also a company that never fails to reward their employees for their contributions. Another, as it is customer-centric, it gives sound financial advice and solutions to its policy holders. Its representatives function with the client’s interests and needs in mind.

Above all this, it values excellence and always aims to achieve operational efficiency and quality of service. In terms of its workforce, products, and services, Sun Life is also an insurance company with inherent values. It serves its policyholders, shareholders professionally and with care, and as such be able to give back to its community.

AM Best, an organization that rates the financial strength of companies in the financial services industry has rated Sun Life Insurance with “A+” which means that it has a superior capability to meet its financial obligations with its policy holders.

Its history dates back in 1865, when Mather Hamilton Gault received a Sun Insurance Company of Montreal Charter and since then has evolved and developed itnto the successful insurance policy providers in the whole world.

This insurance companies operations, and subsidiaries aide millions of people in the United States, Canada, Hongkong, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, and Bermuda.

Sun Life’s operations is built on trust—both in its products, workforce, and clientele, This kind of trust guides the company such that it puts into focus the needs of its clients, shareholders, as well as business partners around the globe.

Establishing trust and continuously upholding its reputation in the industry depends on the actions and decision it takes, the values it maintains, as well as the leadership strength and integrity innate in each and every employee and representative.

Sun Life takes its responsibility seriously, which is found in anyone with a dedication to aide customers secure their future financially.

This insurance company also has a Board of Directors which is both independent and strong. This board frequently reviews its corporate governance practices and processes. Its risk management program even involves process which is a disciplined one, and is able to check operational and market risks, among others.

From Sun Life’s earliest beginnings, both ethics and integrity have been the strong pillars of how well it functions. This is the reason for their superior and efficient reputation in the business of providing insurance policy.