Sutter Insurance Company

Sutter Insurance Company
PO Box 808004
Petaluma, California 94975

The Sutter Insurance Company has been dedicated to giving policy holders top and efficient service as well as and fair handling of claims since 1975. Presently, this insurance company is authorized to write or provide business in states such as California, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.

A.M. Best, an organization which rates the financial strength of businesses in the financial service industry has been given a rating of “A-“. This means that the insurance company has an excellent capacity to meet its financial obligations to its clients or policy holders.

Sutter is an admitted-carrier type of insurance company, and as such, it is subject to the rules, regulations, and overviews of the state, and may need the financial security of bigger companies in order to continue.

Although it is one, this insurance company is not being limited or halted by the rules and regulations, or policies of bigger companies. It has an excellent ability to respond faster to market’s fluctuations, and what makes it different from other admitted-carrier insurance companies is its faster response in the needs of its agencies.

The company is a member of various organizations such as the American Association of Managing General Agents, California Insurance Wholesalers Association, Insurance Services Organization, National Insurance Crime Bureau, Pacific Association of Domestic Insurance Companies, and the Property and Casualty Insurance Association of America.

Sutter Insurance Company offers diverse types of insurance programs for its clients. These include the following: the Heavy Truck Liability Program which is fit for different size accounts from a single truck up to a group of more than 100 power units. Although it is focused primarily at the interstate truckers for a long haul in the 11 Western states, its rates are given for statewide and accounts for about 100 miles radius. The coverage for this type of insurance are liability, uninsured motorist, physical damage, and medical payment.

The insurance company’s physical damage program is created for commercial automobile risks in California, specifically. This program includes a varied selection of automobiles, which may range from a light pick-up truck to a tractor-trailer. Private passenger automobiles and public livery may also be included in this type of insurance.

Sutter Insurance Company’s Business Auto Program is a physical damage and liability program for light and medium automobiles. Risks must be for those vehicles in California, and operate within a radius of 300 miles. Service type vehicles is its preferred business class, however, the program may extend commercial and retail vehicles as well.

Homeowner coverage can also be found to meet applicants’ needs, especially those who do not qualify for the standard or preferred market, and who may have been non-renewed, declined or canceled.

Sutter Insurance Company has also taken pride in providing the safety of a program which has been admitted. It also has coverage for dwellings to provide clients policy holders to meet the needs of homeowners who have homes or abodes that has adverse conditions or risks which would not normally meet the guidelines of underwriting of the standard carriers.