The State Life Insurance Company

The State Life Insurance Company
One American Square
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Insurance for your long term needs—this is the main goal of the State Life Insurance Company. As such, it helps the clients protect and secure their future insurance needs and help them enjoy a sound and contented life without a lot of worries.

State Life makes sure that its policyholders receive what they need, may it be the whole firm structure of the life insurance, deferred fixed interest or immediate annuities. It even offers lifetime benefits, with guaranteed non-increasing premiums. The products it offers include Asset-Care, Annuity Care, Annuity Care II, Legacy Care, and Immediate Care.

First, Asset Care is created to help its policyholders protect their treasures. This is through the utilization of a secured and reliable life insurance that also provides care benefits and avail it on a long-term basis. Availing of a one-time premium, policyholders can receive a guaranteed life insurance policy. Aside from that, the premium is credited with an interest rate that is guaranteed, and a monthly-increasing cash value.

Second, Annuity Care, which is the insurance company’s single-premium deferred annuity allows its policyholders to access the cash value for their qualified long-term-care (LTC) expenses. With this kind of policy, the clients would only have a few questions to respond to and no tests given. The whole underwriting procedure is usually completed within 72 hours upon application receipt in its home office.

Annuity Care is covered by the Pension Protection Act, signed into law on 2006. This act requires insurance companies which have their pension plans to pay higher premiums to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

The Annuity Care II is also known as a single premium deferred annuity which incorporate asset growths that are long-term and LTC protected. It has an innate Continuation of Benefits provision, where policyholders are granted with a combination of the annuity value and added LTC benefits on times that they need it.

Third, Legacy Care, which is also an annuity is capable of gathering and increasing cash value at a credited interest rate that is competitive. This interest rate renews at the start of each policy year and may also diminish annually. With Legacy Care, if the renewal interest rate fluctuates during its first year, the policyholder has the option to cancel the policy with no charges or administrative fees at all.

Legacies are made in different ways. This can happen through deeds, love, family, and wealth. Legacy Care offer policyholders a financial vehicle in in order to develop and preserve their legacy.

There are also policies that deal with State Life, and that is through Immediate Care, an underwritten and single medical premium immediate annuity which helps in the funding of LTC with lifetime monthly payments. This kind of annuity plan aides each individual client sustain the kind of quality care, may it be for an assisted living, home care, respite care, or in a day care for adults.

These are just some of the services that State Life Insurance Company provides to its clients. In a bigger scale, this insurance company is just one of the different companies under OneAmerica.

This mother company is one of the top providers of financial and insurance policies nationwide. It has been in the industry for more than 130 years, and through its network of companies, it offers different products to serve the needs of clients, and thus lead and live a better life, for the present and for the future.