UGA Insurance Company

UGA Insurance Company
9151 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

UGA Insurance Company is a health and life insurance provider located in Texas, and licensed to sell insurance in all US states (except New York) and the District Columbia. Its plan and benefit availability varies by state. A mutual insurance company, UGA’s parent company is MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company/HealthMarkets. The company’s parent revenues is $2.12 Billion and assets is $2.4 Billion. UGA is headed by company Chairman Troy McQuagge.

Since 1981, UGA distributes insurance to small businesses through its associations. The company’s principal methods are through independent agents and the Internet. UGA provides coverage including life annuity business; health business such as individual, self-employed and small business group policies; and special business consisting of life and reinsurance policies. The company aims to simplify the health and supplemental insurance purchasing experience as much as possible that’s why it is dedicated to providing customers with the information and education they need to make an informed choice.

The company has been providing reasonably priced health insurance to individuals and groups for two decades. It continues to be an industry leader up to now. In 2007, the company launched a pioneering price transparency tool allowing its customers to make more cost-effective medical decisions. The company is dedicated to providing consumers with excellent insurance within their means. For individuals, the company provides a range of plans that customers can adjust to suit their needs, including a Select Plan with an open network so customers can select any hospital or physician for their care.

The company’s A.M. Best rating is B++ (Good). AM Best Ratings are independent opinions based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the company’s financial strength, operating performance and business profile. This rating for UGA is as of July 24, 2008, which reflects the financial strength and future outlook of the company.

The company’s insurance products through MEGA Life and Health include MEGA Health Plan Benefits. MEGA Life and Health has embraced a philosophy of consumer guided health insurance, where its insurance plans are intended to provide customers with flexibility to adapt their coverage and premiums to their specific needs. The benefits of signing up for a MEGA plan include portability. Customers can take their plans with them if they move or shift jobs. Another benefit is hospital bill review, where the company automatically reviews clients’ hospital bills for inaccuracies and overcharges to lessen costs if clients have a charge over $10,000.

Personalized health and supplemental insurance are delivered to customers with specific features and benefits they need, plus convenient supplemental benefit plans that they can add to their health insurance plan to provide extra coverage. The supplemental coverage can be personalized, with options including accident plan, cancer, critical illness, dental, direct benefit, disability, vision, and PPO Plans. PPO insurance plans are intended to assist clients in paying upfront costs for expanded medical services. Fairly higher deductibles are featured, but are balanced by expanded benefits and greater maximum coverage amounts. These plans can be modified from a range of deductible amounts. Whether the plan is for an individual or family, a small business, or self-employed individuals, local agents can help customers create the plan that fits their needs and budget.