Union Bankers Life Insurance Company

Union Bankers Life Insurance Company
1001 Heathrow Park Lane Suite 5001
Lake Mary FL 32746

A wholly owned subsidiary of Universal American, Union Bankers Life Insurance Company operates from a place of strength and stability, owing to its lasting success in the insurance industry. Since 1953, Union Bankers has been leading the final expense life insurance market. Maintaining the topmost ethical standards in every aspect of business, the company’s products are built on its customers’ needs. The company has earned the reputation for integrity over the years, with a clear focus, secure foundation, and bright future.

Union Bankers’ management team consists of Richard Barasch as the Chairman of the Board, Gary Bryant as the President and Chief Executive Officer, and Robert Waegelein as the Executive Vice President. The Senior Vice Presidents are John Squarok (for Finance), Fred Rook (also Chief Information Officer), Neil Lund (also Chief Actuary), Ken Hall (for Marketing), William Cushman and Paul Weber (for Financial Reporting). Andrew Pedone is the Vice President for Marketing, Richard Cannone for Finance, Christine Nagy for Leads Management, Carl L. Cochrane for Tax, Garry Reed for Actuary, Chung-Shing Sya for Actuary and Appointed Actuary, John Mackin, Jr. for Compliance & Product Filing, and Michelle Doherty for Product Filing and Compliance. James Kalmer is the Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer, while Danlias Howe serves as the Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Secretary. Brian Jacobs is the Assistant Vice President for Government Relations, while Doris Fisher is the Assistant Secretary.

As of December 31, 2009, the company’s total assets is $66,424,301, with a capital of $2,668,002, net surplus of $34,051,483, and net life insurance of $302,576,000.Union Banker’s total national premium is $47,328,740, with life and annuities amounting to $681,072, and accident and health amounting to $2,082,168.

Union Bankers has been assisting families for more than 50 years through its wide range of senior life insurance products to help cover burial, funeral and final expenses. The company’s permanent whole life insurance includes up to $20,000 of protection for ages 0 – 85, with irrevocable coverage, constant rate regardless of age or health, and steady benefits for the life of the policy. For its joint whole life policy, the coverage is up to $20,000 of protection for ages 18 – 85, with coverage provided for two persons under one policy and one low premium payment providing permanent coverage for the insured and a spouse on a first to die basis. The modified benefit whole life insurance provides protection for ages 0-75, with up to $10,000 of protection. The coverage is paid on a graded benefit basis, making the plan affordable for clients. Accidental death is covered from the first day the plan is in effect.

Mid market term life includes $10,000 to $50,000 of protection for ages 20 – 66. Lock into rates is based on the insured’s current age for an entire 10 years. The insured’s guaranteed 10 year rate will stay the same and will not increase as the insured grow older. For ten pay whole life insurance, protection of up to $20,000 is offered for ages 0 – 80, while protection of up to $10,000 is offered for ages 81 – 85. Premiums stay the same and by no means will increase during the 10 year premium payment period. The proceeds are payable upon the death of the insured or on the policy anniversary following the insured’s 100th birthday.