United Heritage Life Insurance Company

United Heritage Life Insurance Company
707 East United Heritage Court
PO Box 7777
Meridian, ID 83680
(208) 493 6100

United Heritage Life Insurance Company is a part of the United Heritage Insurance group that focuses on providing quality property and life insurance policies to clients to secure their future and the assets which they treasure. It has a comprehensive product portfolio which includes permanent life, universal life, term life, pre need funeral planning, final expense, fixed annuities, and group insurance.

Permanent life is an insurance plan that can be customized in order to fit the need of the client. Moreover, it gives a guaranteed death benefit, death proceeds which are free from income tax and has a guaranteed cash value.

This has been used in order to have traditional insurance protection. In the untimely event of death, his or her loved ones can obtain financial security, education funding, may give proceeds to one’s preferred charity. Aside from these, one’s business or assets can be protected through a buy/sell agreement, as well as a maximization of pension. This means that a client, upon retirement may avail the “single life” option for pension. In the event of a pensioner’s death, the spouse can also use this insurance proceed in order to have income during retirement.

Universal life is another insurance product that United Heritage Life offers. It is described as the most flexible among the other types of life insurance these days. A client which holds this policy is allowed (given some limitations) to adjust the policy’s face amount, its premium amounts, and the length of payment for the premium as needed by the client, or depends on his or her situation. Products on this type of insurance policy are, at times described as “interest sensitive” since its values has to do with credit interest rates.

This is also a plan which can be customized, has a flexible death benefit, death proceeds which are also free from income tax, a flexible premium, and cash value which is interest sensitive.

United Heritage Life also provides term life insurance plans that provide protection for a limited period of time. United Heritage Life has various term products which are of the highest quality and are capable of providing clients with the best coverage that are their money’s worth.

Another insurance policy this insurance company offers is the pre-need funeral planning. These are plans created for the funding of funerals which are pre-arranged. Its policies have growing death benefits, and as such, when utilizing pre-need policies for funeral planning, the client can feel assured that there will be enough funds to use in the future. All pre need policies from United Heritage may be Medicaid exempt.

United Heritage Life provides Group Insurance that allows them to design policies that meet the needs of clients. These insurance products are approved for sale in states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

AM Best, a financial organization which rates the financial strength of those in the insurance industry, has given United Heritage Life a rating of A-, which means that it has an excellent capability to perform its financial obligations with its clients.