United Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company

United Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company
707 East United Heritage Court
Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 493 6100

United Heritage Property and Casualty Company is part of the United Heritage Group that is in charge of providing insurance policies on properties such as homes, cars, and businesses. This kind of insurance company protects individuals or businesses’ physical property against damage, or even loss of its ability to produce ample income.

As a property and casualty insurance company, it is driven by cash flow with fewer assets. Its assets to capital ratio are leveraged at two or three to one.

Some of the policies it provides include homeowner insurance, farm owners’ insurance, business insurance policy, home and family property, mobile home policy, landlord insurance package, and credit use.

As an insurance company that provides homeowner insurance, it markets a variety of policies fit for households, farm owners, as well as for landlords. Other than that, it also provides property for home and family with a liability plan that is optional, and which may include coverage for one or more dwellings.

As of writing, United Heritage Property and Casualty Company was able to pay more than $40,000 in claims payments to clients, and has $4,012,800,00 of insurance. Its products are marketed by more than 140 of the most outstanding agencies which are independent, and which are located in different areas in states of Idaho, Utah, and Oregon.

A.M Best, an organization that rates the financial strength of those in the insurance-providing industry has rated United Heritage Property and Casualty Company with a B++. This means that it has a very good ability to meet its financial obligation to its policyholders. This insurance company makes sure that it is able to provide protection for the things which their clients regard as greatest assets and investments.

As compared to life insurance, the sale for property and casualty insurance has been more stable. The reason for this is that, the latter does not have to deal much with asset issues such as bond impairments.

This insurance company was formerly known as Idaho Mutual Insurance Company, which began its operations on April 20, 1908. Its first board meeting happened in a packing house near Roswell, Idaho. By their second meeting, it developed its surplus to $21.92.

By August of 1992, this insurance company transformed from being a county mutual to a domestic mutual which offers property and casualty insurance policies. As time went by, it became affiliated with United Heritage Mutual Life Insurance Company.

The umbrella company that is the United Heritage Financial Group focuses in the sales and services of insurance, annuity, and financial products which are of high quality.

As a financial group that handles different kinds of insurance policies for its clients, it focuses on life and annuity products, and targeting middle income Americans and properties of personal lines, casualty homeowners, and vehicle insurance.

In 2009, the company reported that it continues to become profitable, especially during the second quarter, when it also gained equity (surplus). Although it believes that it still has to undergo challenges and other trials in the industry, but with the quality service it gives to its clients, as well as backed by professional representatives it knows that the company can go a long way, and become one of the best insurance-providing companies.